Stichting Autobelangen develops a letter of objection for affected old-timer owners

Stichting Autobelangen is developing a weighting tool that makes it possible for every victim of a vehicle with an age of 26 to 40 to request a ready-made objection in name. It will be operational soon.

Yesterday it was announced that Stichting Autobelangen will definitively file a lawsuit against the State to undo the adjusted motor vehicle tax measure for classic car owners. In addition to filing the lawsuit, Stichting Autobelangen also supports the supporters in other areas. Via the website, affected owners of vehicles between the ages of 26 and 40 will soon be able to leave their personal details and request a free letter of objection by name. 

Stichting Autobelangen is developing a weighting tool that makes it possible for every victim of a vehicle with an age of 26 to 40 to request a ready-made objection in name. It will be operational soon.
Stichting Autobelangen is developing a weighting tool that makes it possible for every victim of a vehicle with an age ranging from 26 to 40 to request a ready-made written objection via the website It will be operational within a few weeks

Clear legal frameworks in the notice of objection
The notice of objection was developed in cooperation with Stibbe Advocaten. And at the moment, the finishing touches are being made to the technology that makes it possible for the victimized owner to leave the personal data and request the notice of objection. “The great thing about that module is that there are numerous open fields in which the affected owner can indicate the situation that applies to him / her, so that the 14-page objection actually becomes a combination of the personal situation and clear-cut legal frameworks, drawn up on the basis of legislation. When the document is ready, the affected owner only has to print the document, sign it and send it to the tax authorities, ”says Van Embden.

Objection very important
Van Embden underlines the importance of taking advantage of this soon-to-be operational option. Submitting the notice of objection is very important. “If we win the case, you will only be eligible for a refund of the incorrectly paid MRB if you have submitted an objection no later than six weeks after the date of the tax assessment. Every affected owner must be aware of this. Otherwise the tax authorities will not pay anything back. We also call on the large group of old-timers from 26 to 40 year to take part in petrol in our case and to submit a notice of objection. They can then make use of the transitional arrangement whereby they pay a maximum of € 120 per year to MRB, whereby they are NOT allowed to use the road from December to February, but they are also directly affected by their existing rights and will, in addition to the € 120 has to incur costs per year for storage, because in the winter months the old-timer cannot be on public roads either. "

Objection only possible individually
Earlier, Van Embden said that State Secretary Weekers blocked the possibility for the Autobelangen Foundation - and thus the classic car owners - to submit a number of examples to the court via the Mass Objection Procedure, which are representative of all objections from affected owners of vehicles with an age of 26. up to 40 years old. “That would have saved the tax authorities a lot of work. Because it is expected that tens of thousands of classic car owners will file an individual objection. And the tax authorities are obliged to deal with any objection. But because Mass Objection is not possible, we are calling on everyone to request a notice of objection through us and submit it to the tax authorities - no more than six weeks after receipt of the tax assessment. It is in the interest of the owner, but also serves the great purpose: to undo the unfair and unjust MRB measure - as a result of which the owner has significantly lost value of the vehicle from 26 to 40 years and has to pay for it. ”

Ready within a few weeks
Van Embden expects the weighting tool to be ready within the next few weeks. "When the time comes, we will of course report this directly through our newsletter, for which everyone can register via our website."

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  1. I have 9 pieces of motorcycles. all from before 1986, with a vintage car insurance to insure 17 items for € 110 per year.
    at the end of December 2013 I received a letter that the 1e room still had to decide on the oldtimer road tax. in once 9 pieces giro card,
    a € 30,00 each I did not even have the opportunity to get rid of my key projects. the tax transition scheme money from Jan 2014 so pay for 1-5-2014, with retroactive effect

  2. I own a VW camper van 1981. This is immediately struck by this scheme as a normal passenger car, while it is an original motorhome with license plate. A very unsympathetic measure! It is outrageous that our government thinks it needs to supplement its deficits. What a great culture!
    Please keep me informed so that I can protest in time.
    E. Kloosterman

  3. To spice up the whole thing, I also have 2 motorcycles in the same boat. Now the costs of this are manageable, but also for this, I prefer it in my own wallet and a notice of objection seems to me well in place.

  4. Ben Bilderberg see the bottom of this letter …… .. ………………………………………………… .. Tax Authorities Auto XX-12-2013
    Box 9047
    7300 GJ Apeldoorn

    Subject: exemption from motor vehicle tax for vintage cars, registration number: XX-XX-XX

    Dear Inspector

    On December XX, 2013 you sent me a letter in which you stated that my oldtimer will become taxable again.
    I hereby also object to this decision.

    This is a breach of the principle of trust!

    (Xx-xx 2013 / After my purchase) I received a letter from your service in which your service informed me that my car qualifies for exemption from motor vehicle tax.

    My classic car meets all the requirements set out in this letter and is therefore completely exempt from tax.

    Acquired or acquired rights cannot be revoked without further ado.
    Without significant financial compensation, you will be in conflict with the Constitution and European laws and certificates.

    Due to the new rules, the value of my oldtimer has dropped considerably. The (total) extent of the damage has not yet been determined, the costs of LPG expansion and re-inspection at the RDW are already: xxx euros. But I hold your service liable for the total damage.

    With regards


    ps I also have this oldtimer
    another XXXX for which I pay MRB.

  5. To the above article, Van Auto Motor Klassiek, add the following piece: Also the gasoline cars, which pay only 120, have fallen in value considerably. And this duped the owner. Some form of expropriation has taken place and that damage must also be compensated.

  6. And how will the resulting damage be settled when the case is won? People who had to sell the car for scrap iron because they could not afford the high fixed costs. A classic is usually heavy and runs on diesel / LPG. Storage costs? Suspension costs? MRB? Depreciation? Damage to classic car companies? Smart money? Process costs? etc, etc !!

  7. Yes and what about a classic from 24 years old and who will be 25 years old sometime in December, and will soon become old-timer for insurance and may no longer be driven in the normal way?

  8. you can secure your term obligation by already objecting in a general sense; you can state that you will come up with an explanation / attachment at a later stage

  9. Depending on what you have suspended the oldtimer for. If this has to do with the new MRB legislation, you can remove the car from the suspension. Then you will automatically receive a letter from the blue brigade. Then object and suspend the car again

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