The Autobelangen foundation puts the objection tool for old-timer owners online

The Autobelangen Foundation has been working intensively on the objection generator recently. It is now operational.
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Old-timer owners who do not agree with the adjusted MRB rules can now make use of the objection generator from Stichting Autobelangen. With this tool, victims of a motor vehicle between 26 and 40 years old can object to the account of the Tax Authorities.

Linking with RDW ensures customization
Stichting Autobelangen put a lot of work into developing the objection generator, which is linked to the RDW database. After filling in the registration number, the relevant information is looked up at the RDW. These are used to make a customized notice of objection. The objectioner must answer a number of questions himself, after which he will receive an email. There is a PDF in that message as an attachment.  It can be printed. After signature, the document can be sent to the Tax Authorities.

The Autobelangen Foundation has been working intensively on the objection generator recently. It is now operational.
The Autobelangen Foundation has been working intensively on the objection generator recently. It is now operational.

Important next step
The availability of the objection generator is an important next step in the activities of Stichting Autobelangen, which initially selected 1000 owners of a motor vehicle between 26 and 40 year and invited them to object via the tool. "These are people who have in the meantime issued an authorization to support us financially in the lawsuit against the State," says Wouter van Embden of Stichting Autobelangen. “New donors for the civil proceedings can also immediately use the objection generator. We also aim to make the objection generator available to everyone in the shortest possible time. "

Objection possible after receipt and payment of MRB account
Wouter van Embden emphasized that objections can only be made if the victim has received a bill from the tax authorities and has paid it. "The objection must then be submitted to the tax authorities within six weeks of payment of the bill," says van Embden, who emphasizes to make use of the burdening tool. "The objectioner receives a legally correct document based on his or her personal situation from 15 pages."

In some cases, objection is not (yet) possible
“You cannot make an objection if the bill has not been paid. Companies with a trading stock are also excluded from the objection procedure, as well as the owner of a suspended vehicle, ”Van Embden continues, who further indicated that owners of petrol vintage cars do not yet have the option to object. "They only get the bill from the tax authorities at the end of March, so this category of owners can only object when that bill has been paid." He also came back to the previous legislation: the Vliet Amendment. "Owners of a motor vehicle with a year after 1987 can only object when the vehicle is (partially) exempted based on the Amendment van Vliet."

The Tax and Customs Administration has opened a separate mailbox for the expected boom of objections.
The Tax and Customs Administration has opened a separate mailbox for the expected boom of objections.

Separate mailbox at the Tax Authorities
Incidentally, Stichting Autobelangen expects the tax authorities to be busy with the growth of objections. The tax authorities have since opened a separate mailbox to handle these objections. “In order to steer the accrual of letters that will be made through our objection generator, the Tax Authorities have reserved a mailbox in which the objections will end up. We have direct access to the Tax Authorities with whom we coordinate such matters. We emphasize that the cooperation between the Tax Authorities and us is going well and constructively. It is the politicians who have decided to tax old-timers, the tax authorities only implement the law. "

You can find an exact explanation of how the objection procedure works on the website



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  1. I own a series of cars including many classics or old timers and am wondering what will be my job?
    Make a separate objection for everything? They are respectively from:
    1998 / 1999 / 2002.
    There are a total of 17 pieces, I now see in a row!
    Can't a simple total notice of objection be created for that?
    Kind regards and thanks in advance for a meaningful response, (I have
    already reported directly in the first phase to participate in everything).
    Carel Sarelte

    • Yes, you have to submit a Special Rate Request to the Tax Authorities for every car between 26 and 40 years old. Request a form via the website of the Tax Authorities. Complete the form, print it, sign it and send it to the Tax Authorities / Central Administration. Stamp on and in the letterbox. You will receive a message within the foreseeable future. If you have already paid on an earlier bill, you simply request a refund.

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