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Purchasing classics there

Expectations were high. 402 Automotive and Auto Motor Klassiek organized the first AMK Festival at Circuit Park Zandvoort. And that coincided nicely with the State of Art Historic Zandvoort Trophy. Months of preparation led to an eruption of the classic experience on April 29 and 30, which was wonderfully enhanced by the dynamics of the racing heritage on the circuit. And that went hand and hand with a pleasantly relaxed atmosphere. The fact that the weather conditions helped make a visit even more attractive for interested parties and classic owners. The first AMK Festival was special and successful.

Because the visitors came, and in various cases also with the classic. To start with: on both days a concours d'elegance was organized on the paddock, for which candidates could sign up. It led to a selection of beautiful classics, which were judged by the jury. As far as we are concerned, one of the showpieces at the competition was a fantastic Armstrong Siddeley, who will be 30 this year on June 70. The owner from Zandvoort, who worked on the car for six years, won a prize. Also the original Dutch emblem Mini Cooper Mark III, considering the fantastic condition, scored highly in the competition. But there was much more to see on the paddock. Because visitors took numerous classic cars - on an individual basis or in a club - to Zandvoort. That also led to a beautiful spectacle.

Race camp

In the same section, visitors could also immerse themselves in the typical experience of racing activities. Various teams had stored their camps, and in between races it was wonderful to see the mechanics and drivers constantly working on preparations and repairs. Or just put the dots on the i.

At the cutting edge

Of course it was not surprising that the classic circuit racers were regularly inspected. Anyone who has witnessed the various racing classes from the stands or from the dune pans knows why. The equipment was by no means spared within the various races, which were ridden in four classes. The HARC and MG Triumph competition races in Zandvoort counted for the season rankings. And that resulted in an impressive spectacle in all cases. The drivers rode at the cutting edge, great to see.

Track Time and Parade

Visitors who wanted to experience the track experience at speed could also test their track capacities. They had the opportunity to maneuver their own classic around the track at considerable speeds. Track Time 1 and Track Time 2 offered plenty of space for this event component, which could not be completed without risks. Because on Saturday we saw, for example, the driver of a beautiful SAAB Sonnett fighting an unequal battle with the forces in the corner. The SAAB came into contact with the crash barriers, fortunately the driver got out of the Swedish coupé unharmed. The candidates who wanted to get to know the circuit, but wanted to experience it in peace, drove the parade.

Event special and successful

For example, the first AMK Festival, which also featured a business street and the Porsche collection of State of Art founder Albert Westerman, showed its versatility. It was appreciated by the visitors during the quiet first day and the busy second day. And they themselves also had a large share in the success of the debut version. And the AMK Festival fire baptism was there. More than that, because the positive reactions and the excellent organization were not only a compliment for 402Automotive and Auto Motor Klassiek. In addition, they also proved that this event deserves to be copied. And in all likelihood also going to get. It was two very beautiful days on the coast.






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  1. been on the circuit for an old-timer event years ago, not so special at the time.
    Let's try it again, it was more or less a large parking lot where you could park your car, a few stalls, also not very special, a large commercial parking area. not for me next time.
    I am always looking for stalls to score parts, tools, fasteners, yet again across the border.

  2. Nice that my celica is above the article. I am honoured! Very nice event, nice to see the classics on the circuit.

    • You're welcome. Your Celica pleasantly caught our eye. And we are naturally honored with your compliments for the event!

  3. Beautiful event with variation in viewing pleasure, left and right beautiful classics of different backgrounds and at the same time tension on the circuit with wildly roaring retro racing cars, we enjoyed!
    Thijs and Wilma

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