Vincent and the RDW. Who knows what to do?

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AMK Reader Vincent Merts has a serious problem with his Haflingers and ... the RDW.

Below we put his argument in full. We hope that there are readers who have answers to Vincent's questions and have solutions to his problems. You can respond online but also directly to

From our own experience, we have noticed that there is a big difference at the RDW between the digital help desk and the friendly professionalism of the employees when they are visited on location and approached in a friendly manner.

And it also often helps when examples of DOES can be given.

But first Vincent's story:
My polyester haflingers are set apart to restore.

However, I was advised by the car museum in Schagen to first have an identification done. This is because a lot is going to change and one of the license plates has been cleaned since 1981 (I heard from the RDW).
After two weeks of emailing and calling the RDW, I finally managed to get a technical man to call me to make an appointment to do the "inspection" at home. First I asked what it would cost, 160 euros of which 110 euros
call-out charges.

In any case, we start talking by phone and it turned out that he could not approve anyway. This is because there is no chassis number in the chassis. The chassis consists of the central tube with attached to it the axles, the engine and the bucket. There is a number on the gearbox, a number on the engine and on it
type plate. I also have the complete set of car papers.
I told him there was never a chassis number. None of my Haflingers .. According to the RDW man, that was impossible while I have the evidence here at home.

To try to keep the story short: My original Dutch Haflinger is not likely to get on the road. And to take him first abroad and then back again I do not want because then I no longer have the original license plate. And that makes it so much fun for me. Of course I can start the "attic" Haflinger, but actually I want to do the other first because I would use it a little more.

I hope that someone can give me some tips, because through the RDW I only get to customer service and therefore do not get any further.

Thanks for your attention,

With kind regards

Vincent Merts

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