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Volkswagen 1600 TL Automatic. A harbinger of a beautiful report

Volkswagen 1600 TL Automatic. A harbinger of a beautiful report
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It can happen to you. Sometimes you own some classics. And sometimes you and your son own a beautiful classic vehicle fleet. It can happen to you that you come across a pearl that only increases the love for the heritage of a car brand. It happened to Peter and Thomas de Roy, good acquaintances of Auto Motor Klassiek† The air-cooled Volkswagen fanatics bought a beautiful classic: a VW 1600 TL Automatic.

While we are making a report with Gerard and Anne Kramer's BMW 11i on June 2022, 323, I receive a few beautiful photos via Whats App. The images are a harbinger of what is to come, I know what will happen: soon the collection of father and son De Roy will be further expanded. In fact: that has now happened, because this beautiful classic is now part of the beautiful collection. This consists of beautiful Beetles, a Renault 4 GTL, a VW 1500 Variant and a 1980 Scirocco. Some are from Peter, some from Thomas. But they bought this beautiful 1600 TL Automatic together. Certainly not a case of shared sorrow; this is shared classic happiness.

Flawless and Rare

The Volkswagen 1600 TL Automatic received its first registration on June 22, 1970. The color is a historically accurate green, and the paint is immaculate. As the entire condition of the car is impeccable. This is a picture, with the long nose that characterized the front of the Typ 1969 models from 3. The windscreen wipers are still pointing to the left when viewed from the interior. And everything looks original. What has been restored is in factory condition. Both the exterior and the interior get that qualification, no, they deserve it. In this configuration (with automatic transmission) and this condition, this seventies VW a rare appearance.

Everything is right

When you see this beautiful classic you know it: everything is right. And if there is any doubt about that: this car is fully documented, from the first purchase invoice to the last service. Not a single document is missing, no invoice is missing. The booklets are complete and the original parking disc from 1970 is also part of the equipment. The headrests were not standard on the program, but are a pleasant addition to the immaculate interior.

History as a secret

This Volkswagen 1600 TL Automatic has a special and slightly prominent history, and that is something we will talk about later. Later indeed, because cars like this definitely belong in the magazine. What we can already tell you is that this Typ 3 Fastback, newly delivered in the Netherlands, is equipped with the 1584 cc engine with two downdraft carburettors and a three-speed automatic.

Real Langschauzer, with Schräglenkerachse

This Typ 3 is a real Langschnauzer, with the accompanying large bumpers, the larger rear lights and the larger blinkers on the front. It dates from the first model year of the type with the larger front and that was also the signal for Volkswagen to mount the Schräglenkerachse. The versions with an automatic gearbox already had this feature, from the moment the Typ 3 was available with the automatic transmission.

Great desire to drive it

Anyone who has ever driven a Type 3 will understand that we are eager to experience the comfort of this car in combination with the Dreigang-Automatik, and to take a closer look at its condition. What stands up in that context is that (in any case) the undersigned has always had a lot of sympathy for the Typ 3. This is a real Volkswagen of its time, which was finished solidly and with sturdy materials, rather: it left the factory gates in excellent care. And the car described is still in fantastic condition.

Increased in prestige
The VW 1600TL. In the past, it was sometimes treated unkindly, and that was completely unjustified. This car occupied a position of its own in its class. Thanks to its long-lasting technical configuration, its Fastback shape and its typical VW house style, it was especially able to win over many loyal Volkswagen drivers. Especially the category that valued a touch of individualism. You can count on this type of VW only increasing in prestige in recent years, it is rising higher and higher on the list of valued classics. It is not for nothing that air-cooled VW enthusiasts such as Thomas and Peter were very happy to reserve a place in the collection for this beautiful VW.

Photos: Peter and Thomas de Roy

Volkswagen 1600 TL Automatic. A harbinger of a beautiful report
Characteristic of the TL: the Fastback form
Volkswagen 1600 TL Automatic. A harbinger of a beautiful report
Beautiful furniture with ditto rear center armrest
Volkswagen 1600 TL Automatic. A harbinger of a beautiful report
Spacious, clear and beautiful workplace
Volkswagen 1600 TL Automatic. A harbinger of a beautiful report
A pretty rare combination in the Netherlands and Belgium
Volkswagen 1600 TL Automatic. A harbinger of a beautiful report
1584 cc boxer engine, air-cooled and equipped with two carburettors (one on the far left, the other on the far right)
Volkswagen 1600 TL Automatic. A harbinger of a beautiful report
The selector lever of the automatic transmission. Clarity trumps.
Volkswagen 1600 TL Automatic. A harbinger of a beautiful report
You will also find the necessary space above the engine in the back to store things
Volkswagen 1600 TL Automatic. A harbinger of a beautiful report
Original relics belong to this VW. Also note the parking disc, a beautifully preserved copy


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  1. A friend of mine that I played around with for a while used to have a 1600 TL color. Yellow was also an automatic, things drove quite well.
    But the car drove fine, nothing to complain about

  2. I have often repaired these models because I grew up as a mechanic.
    A super fun car to drive.
    I have also repaired many VW beetles and transporters.

  3. Another beautiful car. Our GP used to drive one. The 1600TL. There used to be so little traffic through the street that we could hear exactly who was passing. The same goes for the doctor who always came trudging through the street with his 1600TL at low revs. That were the days. This article awakens memories!!

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