VOLVO 66 (1979). Hobby car from DAF enthusiast Tom Nauta

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It is beyond dispute that Tom is a fan of our Dutch passenger car. His car life started with a Daffodil. Then a DAF 33 and two station wagons of the type 55. The DAF passenger cars were produced until 1975, after which the Swedish Volvo took over the passenger car division and the DAF 66 became Volvo 66 with the necessary modifications. 

By: Dirk de Jong

The export market was very important to DAF. France was one of the countries where the car became quite successful. You can now see that in recent years many nice copies have come back to our country for the growing group of enthusiasts of this product from Dutch soil. Tom's Volvo 66 was found last year at a collector in South Holland, who brought it to the Netherlands in 2011. Tom's charm and memories of the past prevailed and he decided to purchase. He continues to struggle to suppress his chauvinism. 

The clever poker 

For him, his 'clever poker' remains a technical tour de force. He himself says about this: “The Volvo 66 is user-friendly for me. The high cuddle factor now also plays a major role as a hobby car. Attention is just fun. It is still known as a reliable car - with the ingenious variomatic - that is simple to maintain. Amazing performance is not so necessary for me. ” 

Shiny like a mirror

The question whether the Volvo 66 has once undergone a restoration was answered in the negative. The car is new both inside and outside and with its 59.000 km on the clock also technically perfect. The only thing that has made the still glossy paint a bit thinner is the many brushes ... Despite a small dent, and a scratch here and there, the Volvo 66 still shines like a mirror. It is clear that Tom (71) wants to retrieve his DAF car life through his Volvo 66. And from devoted enthusiasts we like to hear the stories behind their property.

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VOLVO 66DL (1979)
VOLVO 66DL (1979)


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