Volvo PV 544 (1960). Swedish charm

Volvo PV 544
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If there is one brand that prides itself on building solid, solid and safe cars, it is Volvo. We were amazed when this Volvo PV 544 was parked. With the magical Swede with the round back, or the curvature of the roof and the back, the designation Katterug is completely justified.

By: Dirk de Jong

Every weekend drive is a real pleasure for the Steenstra family with this top-class Volvo. His wife and the 3 sons think it is a great car to drive. The youth think it is a 'cool' classic and Teade Steenstra and his wife Hermine still experience it is special when they are spoken to about the property, the enthusiasts spontaneously put their thumbs up and that admiration for the Volvo PV 544 is fun for everyone. 

Volvo PV 544 

The Volvo PV 544 is a more modern version of the original PV 444. In terms of bodywork there is little difference, but the PV 544 is technically more modern. The car is flawless. Beautiful large convex forward with the sturdy sun visor above it. Simply insanely beautiful. The fact that it is an original Dutch car makes the property even more beautiful. 

History of the BT-99-84 

The Volvo PV 544 was cherished as a treasure by the previous owner. The last restoration was in 2006. The technical condition remained excellent all these years through constant attention and maintenance. The reason for the sale was the advanced age of the owner who appreciated that the Volvo went back to an enthusiast. Teade therefore received all information with the purchase. The complete history up to the old registration certificate. And not only that. He also received all the photos taken during the existence of this Volvo PV 544. It is better not to make a history visible. 

Beauty treatment

Teade then gave the car a beauty treatment. He mounted white walls that give the Volvo an even more elegant look. The only thing Teade wanted was to replace the somewhat older technology, such as the radio. But that is not visible. The classic look remains. As an ICT employee in our hasty spectacle company, a ride with the Volvo is relaxing for him. And also as a key worker his knowledge about the Volvo technology is enhanced. For him, the Volvo functions as the medicine against stress. You just feel better in a Volvo PV 544 from the sixties.

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Volvo PV 544
Volvo PV 544
Volvo PV 544


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  1. De-stressing works well with a key semi-classic motor. In the absence of a garage, two wheels are less pure profit. The point is that the key time is sometimes missing / delayed. A 1 December to 1 March job can just end until July 22. But then it is crazy if you start (almost) in 1x. 😜👋.
    The dreamed 2CV is therefore not possible. You should try to be sober in that.
    You can also forget another dream, that you can drive a classic for almost no money. Old cars cost money in parts and TLC, New cars cost money in depreciation

  2. After the release of the 120 series, usually referred to as Amazon by us, Volvo did not want to chase away the customer with the smaller purse. After all, the PV444 was the Swedish “Volkswagen” and the 121, 122 and 123 were middle class. Hence the PV544, in fact a PV444 with a larger rear window and the technology of the 121. The seats, steering wheel and dashboard are also the same as in the Volvo 121.

    Typical of the Swedish quality: the car has no chrome parts but stainless steel.

    And why there is no Amazon on it? The Zündapp firm in Munich put a stop to this because of a patent still pending on that name.
    Apparently that did not count for the type name Rekord ...

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