Volvo Amazon (1968) by Piet Wijbenga. A class car. 

Volvo Amazon 1968 2

We like to use the word 'image' when we talk about Volvo models. Image is the image that exists of Volvo and is precisely used when it comes to the Swedish quality product. Surrounded by solidity, safety and comfort, Volvo has a strong reputation. Piet Wijbenga, the owner of this 1968 Volvo Amazon, can confirm this.

By: Dirk de Jong 

A modern Volvo in the upper middle class was the daily means of transport for Piet Wijbenga, owner of Wijbenga stand and exhibition construction BV. As a businessman, you need a reliable and solid car, especially if you drive a lot of miles. The car was a 'workhorse'. This also meant that – from a business point of view – a new Volvo was usually purchased every three years. The relationship with the dealer Pieter Krol was pleasant and long-lasting.

Spicy story?

When negotiating the purchase of another new Volvo 940, it was mentioned that Piet and his wife Bouwina sometimes thought of owning a classic Volvo Amazon. As a 20-year-old young man, Piet was already charmed by the Volvo Amazon and the Volvo 'cat back', but ownership would always remain a dream.

The package of requirements

In the conversation about that wish, the package of requirements came to the Volvo dealer: (who regularly imported these types of cars from Sweden as a hobby). It had to be a perfect classic, looks like new, engine 100 percent and the car was not allowed to show any signs of age. Piet: “For me it is pure love for the type. I'm not a mechanic or a cleaner. Owning a classic Volvo Amazon is my way of dealing with the past and the present.”

Delivered in August 1997

The ordered new Volvo 940 Station Wagon arrived. But what Piet did not know was that dealer Krol had made a successful search for a 1968 Volvo Amazon in a truly excellent condition. So not only his new car was ready, but also the Volvo Amazon. The dream from long ago that would suit him completely as a hobby.

The eye wants something too

Please look carefully at the photos. An elegant red 53-year-old with a very handsome face, all in pristine condition. A smooth line, two wide doors, good all-round visibility, a pleasure to see.

Connection with the past

The Volvo Amazon has been at the center of attention for 24 years now and the connection to the past is established. Especially when we see the list of Volvo's that Piet has owned. In 1984, for example, there was a Volvo 240 GL, followed by a Volvo 940 three times, a Volvo V70 twice, an XC 60 and now an XC 40. The icing on the cake is the Volvo Amazon of 1968.

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  1. Parents-in-law drove an Amazon station for years.
    Schoonpa's 2nd car after his NSU.
    Later a 740 came next to it.
    They went away for a day, the 740 suddenly did not work (computer broken, had it twice), amazon out of the garage and dooooor.
    Later sold to partly pay for the renovation of the bathroom.
    The 740 is now also gone, is still missed every day, what a workhorse that was.

    P1080376 1

  2. Parents-in-law drove an Amazon station for years.
    Schoonpa's 2nd car after his NSU.
    Later a 740 came next to it.
    They went away for a day, the 740 suddenly did not work (computer broken, had it twice), amazon out of the garage and dooooor.
    Later sold to partly pay for the renovation of the bathroom.
    The 740 is now also gone, is still missed every day, what a workhorse that was


  3. Two sandwich monkey stories in 1 snake reactions.
    The “Amazon, Amason in Swedish by the way” that was indeed not allowed to be called that was really developed and designed by Volvo itself.
    And not developed from the rejected molds of a - very successful - but now almost forgotten Alfa 1900.
    Volvo didn't spend ore (Swedish cents) on that.
    Nor is it a further development of a Ford model, nice story but new to me.
    Not that the car doesn't look almost Italian in design, especially the nose.
    I also did not say that Ford is wrong with that globe, only the Volvo is not distracted from it. If someone thinks so, that's totally fine, just good friends.

  4. Volvo (Latin for I roll) has built very good cars. As an ex-resident of the Koornmarkt in Delft, I liked to walk across the canal to see the Volvo cars that are too expensive for students. Getting a driver's license was already quite an investment. When I finally had that, a red Renault-4 was the only thing I could afford. FL 800,00! After some refurbishment and luck, sold on after 30 thousand km for another 800 guilders.
    Now I drive Volvo V50 estate, my 14th own car.

  5. The Volvo Amazone is derived from the Ford Taunus 12m globe 1st type 1952-1954 looks very similar. The later types 12m and 15m slightly less. I have two globe Taunussen but I often get the comment that looks a lot like a Volvo Amazone then I always say that the Volvo looks like the Ford

  6. I have been driving amazon P1982 great car since 121.
    I live in the Philippines and I get more attention with it than Willem Alexander and Maxima in the golden coach.

    John Gers

    Photo 0149

    • Hi Johan
      Nice Amazon!
      Planning to import an Amazon to Cebu from Norway.
      Possible to get in touch with you for ask your experience regarding registration and so ?
      If so, please message me

      Thank you
      kind regards

  7. In the years 1972/73 I had a beautiful blue (with white roof) Volvo Amazon. Six volts from 1955.
    Car ran perfectly. To France, Italy and in the winter to Austria. Never had any problem.
    Later sold to a friend. But yes, very sorry. If only I had him.

  8. We (my wife) have been driving a 2003 1966 GT since 123
    My wife drives there daily and he doesn't turn his steering wheel even for a winter sports trip in Italy
    We had bought them restored, but in the meantime have also been separated from us. Unfortunately, the rust monster is in the metal and comes back here and there. He is not to blame with his 55 years and the now more than 300000 km that we have already tufted away with it, without any problems. 😀 my wife wants to keep driving it at least until her retirement, so we are not afraid for the next 5 years. Topper

  9. The Volvo that was not actually allowed to be called 'Amazon', but was only known under that name because of the fuss about this.
    Beautiful car .. and very strong; there are still plenty of them around today.

  10. Beautiful Amazon - the station wagon is completely a must-have, Volvo's own purely practical, (at the time) simple to understand technology and if necessary to maintain and maintain yourself. And if the B18 is too narrow, a more recent Red Block plus gearbox fits without murmuring and too many adjustments. I miss my 264 GL with B21F from time to time, a joy to work on.

    tank eyes

  11. A very good classic club, the many classic Volvo specialists in the Netherlands, who also provide readily available parts and the beautiful 50s design ensure the popularity and especially the usability of this classic.
    In other countries such as France, Italy or Spain it is already a lot more difficult to keep this model reliable.
    Of other brands from that time such as Simca, Ford, Volkswagen… with a multitude of copies produced, far fewer have survived.

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