A 1985'er BX as a lending car

Citroën BX RE

Recently we had the First Real Citroën BX story in Auto Motor Klassiek stand. But BXen? They have been playing with this for much longer. We've had one since 1999 Citroën BX driver / V in the file. She currently has her fifth BX. That is, just like the previous ones, a 1400. With an average consumption of 1 in 16 after a YMO shot, that hydraulique was recently back for a MOT and a turn.

Everything is finite

One of the BXes came to an end, by the way, because a hasty fellow countryman entered through two red traffic lights. The others simply fell victim to 'upgrading'. Because a better BX is always the best. And: 'Maintenance is conservation'.

Finding an address to perform those rituals was just a thing. The BX specialist where all BXs were previously under maintenance had stopped. And then Pascal from 'de Snoekfabriek' came into the picture. It did first Citroën DS and BXen. But the BXs were still his dream cars. The fact that the Snoekfabriek is now a BX specialist seems to give rise to a field of marketing technical tension. But that is only in theory.

Quite expensive cherries

The dark blue BX went to Alphen in Gelderland, in the middle of the orchards, where the cherries are sold straight from the tree for the same price as they are in the supermarket. After a quick inspection, few problems were estimated for the metallic dark blue BX. But when the proud owner pointed gloomily at her worn driver's seat, the fringe came on the carpet. A Dutch Periodic Vehicle Inspection, a major service, and a ZGAN chic black interior. And that is why the loaner was allowed. That's a white, first generation (until 1987) BX. Also with a 1400 cc engine with carburettor. And with the once highly trendy 'satellite control' of the on-board equipment, a rotating speedometer drum. And a ribbon-shaped rev counter. Things that work very intuitively in practice. Only the turn signal does not automatically return. But you don't have to take your hands off the wheel for that. A 1985 BX RE with less than two tons on the counter as a loaner. We thought that was worth a message.

Volvo's missed opportunity

Once, as we now know, the BX, derived from Volvo's 'Tundra project', was quite revolutionary. But they were middle-graders, and they weren't made for eternity plus two weeks. An enormous number of BXes have therefore died. We remember the day when the operator of car dismantling company de Timp reported that he had received nine in a week. And he didn't like the usually polyester bonnets.

But the BX was once the most widespread 'company car' or 'lease car'. And then the laws of large numbers come into effect: they always remain. The BXes are more maintenance sensitive than an Opel Ascona was. But with normal maintenance and use, there was little to criticize about these hydrauliques. We reported earlier of a BX 1900 GTI with 400D + km on the clock. And that they are qualitatively unexpected - sort of - high quality? This was evident from the ride with the 1985 loaner. The thing came up frisky after starting (with the choke). Walked nicely and felt tight and firm all around.

An early or a late one?

However, we would be less likely to use such an early BX as a daily driver than its more conventional successor. By the way, there are more differences between the generations. But that's the same with us, isn't it? We will come back to this again. On those differences between the generations BXen. The time is now ripe for it.

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Citroën BX RE
Citroën BX RE
Citroën BX RE
Citroën BX RE
Citroën BX RE
Citroën BX RE
In the parking lot at the Aldi
That is also possible. The photo came from an FB friend


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  1. A BX maintenance sensitive than a Kadett or Ascona?
    That is almost impossible ……
    Had both, later a Vectra and worked at Opel….
    What a drama, almost as bad as those Wolfsburgs

  2. How nice! Badger my old car, traded in at the Snoekfabriek for a BX TZD Turbo break. We drove a rally with this car in 2018. Via Scandinavia to the North Cape and back via Russia and the Baltic States. 9600 km in 18 days without problems. Well, the muffler fell out in Estonia. Had a lot of fun with it but because I make a lot of kms I wanted a diesel.

  3. Perhaps good to check out the BX book of the Citrovisie publishing house. In it the Tundra myth is debunked!

  4. It's always about maintenance. But…. the BX was technically completely sound. The body is super strong, the engine too. And the TCO ((cost to have) predictable and manageable. The BX was above all a spacious, comfortable and a real (maneuverable) driver's car. I have had 3 and look back on pleasant relations. Compliment from the then boss of VW: in theory the best car I agree: in principle the world does not need any other form of transport Conclusion… .. The BX is the milestone ..

    • Totally agree. But - with 5 BXs of experience - a BX is more maintenance-sensitive than an Opel B Kadett. And many have taken the beet bridge with that. Because the people who bought a BX for 300 euros did not have it repaired for 800 euros. The just bought another BX for 300 euros. If you find and buy a good BX now, then you have a world car. And Sylvia's current BX increases by 1 in 16 even after a dose of YMO. The loan car is such a winner. Iki believe it is for sale for something like 2300e.

  5. The last two years of construction ('92, '93) were “extension years” and that is noticeable; quality was no longer your-of-it-say.
    Successor Xantia was already on the doorstep, so no attention was paid to the BX.
    Wonderful cars, and such a series I is just great.

    • Agree. The previous BX was such a run-out model. The molds were apparently already gone. And the lesser fits were loosely compensated with sealant. When that car left, it was not because of the technology. But it had holes in it and it was pretty crispy

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