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It is legislation and European. So usually pointless. Or not? Battery acid can be used, just like fertilizer, to make bombs. And don't we all want that? Well, that's no longer the case. Because from January 1, 2021, it is illegal to buy the separate acid packs that are sold with batteries supplied 'dry'.

Pay, or become a criminal

From that date, individuals wishing to purchase, possess or use sulfuric acid with a concentration greater than 15% must have an official permit. In order to buy a battery with a separate acid pack, those individuals must therefore apply for a valid official permit before purchase. It is loosely stated that such a scrap of paper will cost about € 2.000 (!).

Just like looting, murder or rape

Buying that battery juice without a license, having it or whatever without that Important Document is to show that it is serious not seen as a violation, but as a crime. Just like that rape, murder and theft are seen as crimes. This also applies to the bottles of battery electrolyte with which the battery has not yet been filled. You can recognize the articles to which this important law applies by the addition CP (combi pack) and/or EU 2019/1148 on the invoice.

The bottle approach is especially valuable in the motorcycle world. 75% or more of motorcycle batteries are sold with the acid in an attached vial. This approach has far-reaching consequences for retailers in the retail and online world.

The New Buying

The chance that private individuals will invest two grand to fill a battery seems limited. The battery must be filled by the selling party. For the law, the importers and dealers are the official users. They are exempt from the licensing requirement. However, they are obliged to report suspicious transactions between companies and with private individuals. Just like they have to report if sulfuric acid or batteries are stolen.

Dealers who sell acid packs separately or together with dry batteries to private individuals who do have an Official License must follow a detailed procedure to verify the customer's license and record the transaction in that license.

Another 50 grand or five years

Possession without an official license or the supply of restricted substances to private individuals without a valid official license is punishable by a five-year prison term and a heavy fine. There is a maximum fine of €50.000 for not (correctly) filling in transactions on the official permit. Failure to comply with the notification obligation can lead to a fine or imprisonment of up to five years. Prison sentences are great for building your network!

So we can still buy batteries. We have to go to the store for that. There, our purchase can be filled with the acid package that goes with the set.

Still, it's a nice feeling that everything has been arranged so well for us.

And all these years I've only worried about what battery acid does to favorite flannel shirts


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  1. Oh yes.
    Years ago I spoke to a colleague grower, who was surprised about the fact that we as horticulturalists in the Netherlands can simply obtain ammonium nitrate.
    Where he was (Australia) it was attached to all kinds of paper tape, also related to the bomb factory.

    And that while, in my opinion, such people do not trade through the legal channels, and therefore do come to trade. . … ..

  2. So slowly but surely the idiocy of the EU is getting worse. In addition, the Netherlands often wants to go the extra mile.
    You can make the batteries of the EVs pop without acid. Also ban it.
    Fortunately, there is a clear direction in eu policy. Here from the gas, in Germany subsidy. Grandiose. Just back to the EEG Then the world was still okay. What the EU has in store for us has become painfully clear again due to corona: everyone for himself and God for us all. Now the CO2 hysteria

  3. Those alleged bomb builders are probably so stupid that they don't understand that the battery acid can also be removed from the battery?

  4. "Where there is a will there is a way". People who want to make bombs shrug their shoulders here, probably laughing. With an ever-growing number of people who also need something to do, the number of bureaucrats among bureaucrats is also rising. With this kind of stipulations as a result, which in my opinion show a large gap between theory and reality. That there might be less pollution, I give it the benefit of the doubt. Whether it will really hinder the motorcyclist, etc., I don't think so – if you already buy a dry battery that can be filled. However, the question arises whether you, as the owner of old batteries, will be treated with reasonableness or absurd nonsense.

  5. I think it's a good thing. You should give them a living letting a leftover go down the drain. Fortunately, there are still specialist shops where you can buy a good battery in a reliable and safe manner!

  6. Another option is to leave the EU. Maybe buying an oil rig and calling it a country, I thought was done once in the 80s(?).
    To make sure all the EU wants is done is to vote Volt.
    Oh yeah. Security is a beautiful thing

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