A BMW E30 M3 Evo 2 and Passion for Classics. The young and modern auction platform

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It has been a well-known phenomenon in the auction world for years: online bidding and trying to do the business. Digital auctions have also developed into a permanent sales channel within the classic car industry. This fact inspired two young Belgians to develop a modern auction variant: Passion for Classics.

In 2020, the two car-crazy Belgians Björn and Jan launched the new auction platform. Björn is well versed in cars from the eighties and nineties. He sold countless cars through various channels. And his companion Jan is a real IT specialist who is also gripped by the car virus. From the backgrounds of both, the idea arose not only to come up with a new auction site, but also to link the modern principles of a digital platform to it.

Buyers and sellers communicate via platform

That combination resulted in Passion for Classics. The buying and selling platform easily brings buyers and sellers together. The owners of Passion for Classics find it important that there is as much transparency as possible. That is why the providers who offer the cars via Passion for Classics and the potential buyers can always communicate with each other via the platform.

Quality of information

In addition, the Belgians strive for the highest possible quality of information about the offer. “And”, according to the owners, “we want to use the lowest possible cost percentage in order to lower the threshold in this way as well.” Furthermore, the information about the offer is as objective as possible, XNUMX percent honesty and creditworthiness is strived for during the transactions and the platform offers opportunities to discover interesting facts about other users.

Red, Orange, Green and Last Chance Section

The two founders of Passion for Classics have now built up an offer. Beautiful classics and youngtimers have already been sold. And a number of particularly beautiful and exclusive cars are still under the digital hammer, such as a BMW E30 M3 Evo 2, of which we have placed a few photos here, a Porsche 911 T from 1969 and a Mercedes 190 SL from 1957. On these and others cars can be bid online, and to see if the reserve price has already been met, all you need to do is look at the color of the dots on the lot. These work on the red-orange-green principle. With red the reserve has not been met, with orange the potential buyer is 10% off the minimum price and with green the minimum price is offered. If the car is not sold, the auction is over. Yet the car remains in the picture at Passion for Classics, it then moves to the Last Chance section. The car will be offered again there.

Detailed description

The parties can therefore communicate with each other at the lot. Finally, it is striking that the descriptions of the offered cars are very complete. The model history and the properties of the offered copy are of course available. What is special is that the split is also made between the original and non-original parts of the offered car. Furthermore, the wide range of photos with each car is striking.

There is much more to tell about Passion for Classics' working method, such as about the Diamond Service, the viewing options of the cars, the costs and the conditions. You can find everything about the young auction platform at the website from the online auction house.



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  1. To watch out.
    I used to have an Evo 2.
    What you show is the regular version.
    The Evo 2 had light gray rims with dark gray center.
    Also another trunk spoiler.
    Also red/black striping on the front and rear bumper.
    You have to deal with experts in this world.
    The credibility of your service can depend on your publications.

  2. Oh dear, an auction platform 'for and by real enthusiasts'….that wasn't there yet…. The fact remains that it is best to buy a classic in real life after a viewing and possibly an inspection by an expert. Auctions remain for 'just not-cars' where it is easier that the seller does not have to reveal everything. The smiling third is the auction platform, as most of the money disappears into Their pockets, and if something goes wrong they have enough fine print in the terms and conditions to disclaim all liability.

  3. Transparency is good, modern. Bringing the costs to a normal level, so not as unnamed, made known through marketing, other auction sites with usually poor guarantees and very slow lines. Good idea, and good luck!

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