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Nowadays - and from about 1900 - there is a lot of grumbling that members of the more sympathetically modeled sex no longer know their place, are stealing all 'our' jobs and have become man-haters.

Girlfriend Wilhelmina is Randstad and not only drives a motorcycle for that reason. She enjoys motorcycling so much that she has had a classic for about four years now, just for fun. "Well. If I drive it a thousand miles a year, it's a lot, ”she says distraught, because miles of bluffing isn't part of her programming.

But when a pleasant-looking lady sets up her classic in front of a terrace, gets off and shakes her hair, that in some cases makes enough of an impression. One of a couple of male terrace residents shouted compliments: “So say! I would like to take a ride on you too ”.

Not a good move

Perhaps in some European hinterlands there are still women who flee blushing after such a comment. Wilhelmina does not. But that could also be because there are quite a few KNIL combat genes in her family. Friends and intimates know: “Nobody fucks with Mientje”.

Wilhelmina is small, slender and girlish. She approached the testosterone tiger and made a "Come up" motion with a neatly painted index nail. With her head tilted slightly she looked at the hero and said, “Unzip. Because then I first want to see what you want to tame me with ”. The friendly question made the three men at the patio table a bit uncomfortable. Mientje turned to the seaters and with a vague link to that man with that haircut she called in neat Haarlem ABN: “Do we want to see more dicks or less ?!” The neat Haarlem audience reacted mixed.

Take mild corrective action

“Look, it is very simple. A lot of guys ride motorcycles and have tattoos because they are actually pathetic. And men with buns have simply lost their way. Which can. But if you start mooing over a terrace like a rutting bull when you see a woman, then you are not pathetic, but sad. ” To the waitress who stood by and looked at it with open mouth she said, “He doesn't even dare to show his dick. Give those three bad boys a Fanta each on my account. ”

She sat down and ordered a water and a small salad. The full attention of the audience did not bother her. The three young men settled and disappeared without waiting for their Fantasies. Another man stood up. He walked over to her table and asked with a gesture of thumb to the Honda CB400: “It looks neat. My father still has an original exhaust system for such a thing. Is that something for you? " Wilhelmina is quite a perfectionist. So the speaker had her attention. A conversation started and the young man was invited to the table.

An uninhibited approach

“I think you're Moluccan or something. What did your grandfather think about you riding a Japanese motorcycle? ” Mientje looked at the speaker in surprise, gave him a playful pat on the cheek and said: "You are either the most cunning or the most innocent decorator I have ever encountered." Her conversation partner looked delighted. “And 'or so' is Madurese. We Madurese are even more fierce than Moluccans. ”

Apparently it was going to be fun. We had heard the whole scene from a patio corner. Wilhelmina had not even seen us. We figured she was having a great time without our presence. While leaving we tapped Wilhelmina on one shoulder. "Well done Mientje ..."


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  1. Wonderful story! My first motorcycle was a CB400F. Purchased in 1984 together with two colleagues. That was in the time of the practice permits that you could apply for at the municipality and then drive in the run-up to a motorcycle license exam. Delicious. All three of us got their motorcycle license with it. In the meantime I have been on a lot of bikes, but I will never forget the first one.

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