A classic friendly address

The New Ruysch

The Nieuwe Ruysch bistro on the Apeldoorns Kanaal is a classically friendly stopping place.

But how friendly the manager is about it was proven last night. While a classic driver at closing time with a broken gearbox stranded at the intersection where the catering facility is located, the owner provided a cup of coffee and left the outside lighting on after closing time to make it easier for the roadside assistance.

The WegenWacht came, saw and ... Called for a recovery vehicle. Because complete nocturnal baking revisions along the public road go even the WegenWacht too far.

Our compliments. For eatery De Nieuwe Ruysch, the WegenWacht and the man of Garage Luuk Bosma from Apeldoor, a company that also works on classics and has a lot of Volvo experience.

That made it a nice night.

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