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ER Classics Desktop 2022

Theft is still the revenue model with the widest sales margins. And in the current classic world there is more demand for good, beautiful, more expensive classics than the supply is large. This also applies to dogs. Almost everyone has purchased a four-legged Corona cuddly toy. The cages in the shelters are empty. And then neo-liberal thinking arises that everywhere sees a business model at the expense of another party; from the former Eastern bloc countries, Greece and Spain, dogs (often hopeless, not socialized and sick) are brought to the Netherlands. They give their owners at least a few happy minutes and then ensure that the local vet can continue to ride his classic.

That is, if he is not unlucky enough that his classic is stolen

Because we said it already: there is also more demand than supply in the classic corner. The fact that many of those classics that disappear go to the countries where the stray or production dogs come from hardly restores a natural balance. People looking for shelter dogs often have a reasonable idea of ​​what they are looking for. Car thieves specialized in classics, on the other hand, provide customization in terms of make, type, design and color.

And they don't even have to break in for that. An acquaintance had an agreement to deliver a classic somewhere. The car would be paid in cash. The license plate was therefore already properly deregistered for export. The location was at dusk on a quiet street in an upscale neighborhood. The selling party arrived. Stopped. And took a look at his GPS. His window was tapped. With the barrel of a gun. When he got out of the car, something happened. When he woke up, he was sitting in his van on the still very quiet chic street. The trailer with the classic on it was gone. Just like his phone and wallet. So pay attention to where you meet with whom.

So the question is: Is your classic car insured against theft?

And if so: have you read the fine print in the policy with the tip of your tongue between your lips? It will not be the case that the insurer will not pay you if the theft took place on a Thursday or if you have a daughter named Patricia. But the regulations about locks on doors and the evidence that your classic was not stored with the ignition key in the lock can cause a headache. Therefore, take out insurance with an insurer who is a classic car specialist.

Also keep in mind that your classic technically has a daily value of a wet towel. In case of insurance against theft, a recent valuation report is a must.

So a tracer

Despite all the stories, an underwriter's payout has never made anyone rich or happy. That is why it is useful to provide your classic with a tracer. Preferably a battery powered one that is installed out of sight as much as possible. One thing that does report, but does not have a siren function. Because that sound lets the thieves hear where the tracer is. But the offer is overwhelming. So choosing is searching.

Then you can see on your smartphone where your classic four, six or two-wheeler is

And if that's in a warehouse near Kladno, you can invite your friends from the sports club to get your classic back. How to specify that is not up to us. But we have heard firsthand that it works. It may have helped that the game Netherlands - Czech Republic was played with seven attackers against two defenders. And the rules of the game said nothing about the use of baseball bats. Not that the defenders knew that. But we don't recommend this approach. Because swinging a baseball bat doesn't help when the defenders are equipped with Glocks or Tokarevs.

Oh yes: Now we happen to know that you can buy 'jammers' at Ali tracer. They block the tracer signal. But hey: buying things in China via the internet? Who comes up with that idea now?

We will investigate whether we can supply the best tracer at the best price through AMK 🙂

An owner / V. Without a classic

Hardly susceptible to theft
Highly susceptible to theft. And for sale by the way

A runner up in the export segment
You should definitely not leave it in Milan for a weekend
Prevention is important. Thieves like to get out quickly


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  1. The photo of a facade of a former (?) Parts establishment near Soestdijk Palace - for a moment I thought I would read a further report about this illustrious trade (spike). I am unable to see a reference to theft here, but I do know that there were many complaints in that direction. But that was and is a given in this country.

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