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Truck, China
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An overhyper correct knowledge, just the wrong conversation partner at a birthday or reception. Hybrid drivers with an abundance of Chinese solar panels on their roof on the visible side of their house.

Left people who report to you with some superior disapproval that your passion, our passion, is not responsible. In terms of the environment.

You can give them some counter gas by noticing that

* The ecological 'footprint' of their Prius is the same as that of a Mercedes 200 D from 1972 after driving 15D km annually with it for twelve years.
* Entire regions in China have become structurally uninhabitable due to the large-scale chemical extraction of raw materials for the magnets of their Prius engines and our wind turbines.
* That preparations are being made in China to reopen 60 old coal mines to supply energy to previously closed coal-fired power stations to…. Making even more cheap solar panels for our roofs.


Perhaps then it will still be a constructive conversation

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  1. Thanks for these nice arguments. I myself am also more left-wing than right-handed, but the type I mentioned is left-dicks, right-hand pockets. Hypocritical preachers for their own parish.

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