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On the basis of the Fiat 500 and Fiat 600, many playful minds have already given their thoughts free rein. Because Italians are Italians, the first approach was to make these (very) compact rear-wheel drive units with the rear engine… as quickly as possible. Then we immediately think of the legendary Abarths and all the brave toddlers who at least had the looks of an Abarth. But the Fiat 500-600 also inspired people with a more businesslike outlook on life. Like the makers at Savio, who thought that such a Fiat would be an excellent basis for a government car. The Fiat 600 Savio Jungla.

And that 'make it look like an Abarth' was professed so fanatically that Zastavas decorated as 'Abarth' are still regularly offered. So be careful when purchasing an 'Abarth'.

So savio

So that was Savio Giuseppe Carrozzeria Automobili; Moncalieri, Turin; Italy. The company was started by Antonio and Guiseppe Savio. Before that, they had already gained twenty years of bodywork construction experience at a coach builder. The Second World War almost brought the company to an end and Guiseppe continued the business.

After his death in 1954, his son-in-law took over the business and the Lire were earned by producing ambulances. In 1961 and 1963 they started making special bodywork for Fiats.

The Fiat 600 Savio Jungla was a success

In 1965 the official production of one of Savio's hit songs, the Fiat 600 Savio Jungla, started. Very simple and completely open, the Fiat 600 Savio Jungla was small, light and versatile. In fact it was an Italian Mini Moke, a kind of Mehari, a kind of Fiat Ferves.

There were more manufacturers at the time playing with the same idea. The car had an open, steel body with a hinged windscreen. A fabric roof and fabric doors with side windows made of plastic were optional.

Powertrain, mechanics and accessories all came from the Fiat 600D. After the end of its production, components from the Seat 600 and finally those from the Yugoslav Zastava were used. No seat belts were fitted; a windshield wiper was only on the driver's side.

At that time, the beach car concept was only sketchy. The Jungla was intended for postmen, police, municipal workers and forest rangers. About 1965 units were built between 1974-3200.

Under a gray sky in Hoevelaken

We found our fashion model at Big Boys Toys in Hoevelaken. The car has now been sold. The little car has shaken off its working-class past and in its sky-blue outfit looks like a local clearing. Where it was once a good tosser for relaxed Italian government officials, the Fiat 600 Savio Jungla is now an endearing, basic leisure car.

With many more long warm summers in prospect, the trolley can find its place here. But it could also just be the 'around home' transport for a couple of retirees with a – second – home in Southern Europe.

Very different from a Jeep Regegade

Such a Junglaatje naturally lacks the brutal toughness of a Jeep Renegade with a thick V8 or a classic short wheelbase Land Rover. But the fact that he is absolutely heart-warming – and nice and frugal – cannot be denied. And Savio still exists.

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Fiat 600
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Fiat 600
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  1. The DAF ya66 in a civilian version also belongs
    to the same category, which has been headed by the Mehari for years. Some 70 of these DAFs were built by hand in the early 1.201s on behalf of the Ministry of Defence. There are currently only a handful around. By far the most in the original military version

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  2. What a cool thing to say!
    To be honest, I really didn't know him. Too bad. Nice design. At first glance you could almost wear it out for a Kübelwagen. But that impression soon fades.
    Those motors were sort of indestructible. A driving icon!

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