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A BMW was bought for 300 euros. An R65. Just to get through the winter. Because why not drive a classic in winter? The ex-police had slept outside for years in an Arnhem neighborhood full of long-term minimum wages. And first gear didn't work. Everything breaks. Also BMW gearboxes.

Then it turns out that a baking overhaul at professional and company can be perfectly cleared for € 400. That must be possible differently. The local dump motorcycle dealer got a batch of BMW R 65 GSs plus a few pallets of parts from Denmark. There was a bunch of parts .. He had five buckets with kickstarter. If I tried them all for him, I could keep one. All five boxes turned out to be rotten, but I can now change BMW boxes within an hour. The bad buckets can be explained by the way: The BMWs were used for off road and the first three gears had had a very difficult time.

What a bowl costs

Internet hunter teaches that containers are offered from around three hundred euros. Then Waldemar comes into the picture. Waldemar is from the digital generation and he was born smart. He's going to search under 'R45'. That is the kind of boxer that is preventively culled in all shelters because there is no owner to find. Somewhere in North Holland someone offers R45 stuff. The advertisement shows a completely disassembled R45 minus the license plate. There is a container and it must cost € 199. The frame costs 199 euros. The tank and side covers 199 euros. All for 199 euros per portion.

An R45 gearbox could never have suffered much. Because R45s are packed with no power. And Den Helder… I had not been there in twenty years. To come across as convincing, comrade Ernie and I grabbed my Lief's BX. BX drivers are listed on Wikipedia as textbook examples for scruffy people without money. Den Helder is further away than most people think. But eventually we drove into a Vinex-like neighborhood where not even Prozac was against it. The given house number radiated the disconsolate gloom in superlative degree. The hallway smelled of lost toilet freshener and overcooked endive.

Frugality as profit

Now we saw what driving R45 could do. We received text and explanation. The bikes were heirlooms. The heir was professionally entitled to benefits. He had handed in the license plates and number plates and thus took the motorcycles of their existence. This way sales could be kept out of the books. Smart. A friend had advised him to advertise on Marktplaats. Also smart. Moreover, friends had said they would offer everything for € 199 per unit to be sold. Because that saved € 6 advertising costs. Also very smart. You don't need enemies with friends like that.

Nice shopping

It took some fitting and measuring to get the stuff in the back of the BX. But the two engines, the two gearboxes, the two tank / seat / side cover sets and the two frames with forks fit in. We declined the offered coffee and fled east again. The R45 gearbox was mounted and shifted gear like new with a click. Well arranged. And so an ex police R65 got his next life. All winter long.

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  1. Hi Ed, Didn't you have such a sour reaction to something about Tatras? You are a real sunflower! Have I ever done you wrong? Are you jealous of people who like and amaze? Joh; how old are you and how old do you think you will become. Enjoy the time you have.

    • Hello Dolf, (or should I say Cornelius?)
      If a comment about a (incorrect) text is a reason for you to insult me ​​on the man, it says more about you as a person like mine.
      Especially since you first removed my reaction from this column.
      Not to mention your language use in the direct mail to me. (and so you do not dare to place it here because people then see what kind of wood you are really cut from)
      If you then want to profile yourself as a great storyteller, you must also be able to accept a comment about your text.
      And no, I am absolutely not jealous of people who make up whole stories because they experience (almost) nothing in real life.

  2. I already have a little regret that I respond, because the 'respect claimants' are never the nicest people to talk to. They are never, really NEVER satisfied. They sometimes pretend, without even realizing it, but those nasty sour gall-necks don't have real satisfaction.

    I thought it was a nice piece on a nice topic. Just a nothing, nothing very special but still quite nicely written.

    Thank you Dolf for your nice piece. Respect old man! Hahahaha !!! 😉

  3. A Beemer tank like this can easily be taken out and put together by someone with a little technical background, that is really not rocket technology.
    The input shaft of old two-valves has fine teeth on which the single clutch disc engages .. just like there is on your gear stick.
    The fine toothing is worn off after brutal use of the clutch and bucket, causing the clutch disc to slip over the shaft.
    Jan from Weihe can then help you on another axis, and a Saturday tinkering will give you a well-functioning BMW again.

  4. Nice story, and sometimes just look through the woolly word usage. is also right, one looks left and buys right, but these are still nice stories to drink coffee.

    It's nice weather outside, enjoy it

    Courage Hans

  5. I also think a bit unnecessarily unkind. A nice story about how you can keep a motorcycle on the road inexpensively. They are good in themselves those R 65s. Success with it!

  6. Technically, the clicking is due to two things.
    - The clutch continues to drag
    - Or the bucket is kicked into its first immediately after disconnecting.
    The latter is a matter of patience before kicking.
    The first will be a repair of the clutch, lubrication of a cable, restoration of a clutch hydraulics or even lubrication of the pivot points of the diaphragm spring on the pressure plate.
    The latter resulted in my 1150 for considerably less operating force and a better clutch release.
    Oh yeah…. if the push - out shaft of an R 65 and so on runs heavily into the input shaft or seal, you will get the same trouble.
    In any case, it is not rocket science 😀

  7. But why did those projectors have those click-clacking gears, especially when the first one had to start the stuff? Maybe the clutch is not completely released or does the plate stick? I always thought it was a bad sound. Clack!

  8. I also think that writing could be done with a little more respect. The household side does not touch the motor emotions. Sounds tough, but it isn't. They supply and demand. Well received, that is enough for me as a reader.

  9. Not nice either! I'm mating you with that stuff and I'm not getting it
    determined the most laudatory lyrics about me!
    Nice that you are happy with it….

  10. Is that also possible for a very hard kkick-click-clacking box of a GL1100?
    A job that I see coming with fear.
    Such a job that can make the winter break last a few months longer🤢
    The block had to be removed last winter for the clutch.
    That wasn't an hour's job

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