A hard Chianker…. Or so

A hard Chianker…. Or so
ER Classics Desktop 2022

That Chang Jiang project is of course worth more every day. Look what the kilo price of iron is today. Even though you can bid, I'll still keep working on it J.

And there's a shot

The drivetrain from the box is now mounted. Too bad that the new brake shoes behind have such obese liners that the brake drum does not fit well. The next time I'm with Richard in Genemuiden I'll exchange them for a well-worn pair. The cardan shaft is slightly forward. Two of these were included. I myself had three laying around. I now know that there are at least four lengths of cardan shafts. That then combines nicely with the four carriers that sit with their fingers in the Hardy disk. There are three different sizes of splines. Well, it's something to try because measuring makes the life of a simple KMZ rider too cluttered.

This is how the cardan clock was mounted

The hybrid I made from three copies runs smoothly. The workshop bible – translated from Russian into German – tells you how to cut out the cone and the wreath. The whole Prussian blue thing. The connoisseur knows that this is for BMW drivers and wimps. The factory tolerances there in the rear are so freely interpreted in three dimensions that old skool Dnepr and Uralriders just slosh together a set. If the stuff is hand-driven then just runs pretty well, then it's good. So that approach should work for a Chang as well. Fine!

Back to the gearbox

I think it's really Chinese. I don't know him from my Ural/Dnepr past. There is an extra lever on it. It is apparently suitable for foot and hand operation. Possibly the strange lever in front of it to release the (four) gearbox from any gear. If we continue to juggle numbers: I have four clutch pressure pins. Two are too short. One is too long. The fourth looks about right on length. But its operation seemed to be in jeopardy. The nose on the lever that had to push the pressure pin in turned out to be too 'short'.

Luckily there were still two in stock

A steel and an aluminum one. But they were flat, and the original aluminum one was 3D domed. Fortunately, I once bought those aluminum soldering tips on Hardenberg. And somewhere in the old iron box I still had an aluminum plate. There I drew a kind of comma that should serve as a nose extension. It was a bit fiddly, but it went well. The case was wedged and I wanted to solder the comma.

I didn't do it right

The stuff fell apart and the aluminum comma did what small metal things do best: it fell to the floor and was untraceable. If you haven't found the stuff after five minutes, then you should stop looking. Otherwise you will go crazy. Quickly and routinely I made a comma 2.0. It also fell to the ground. When I bent down, I saw that he was lying right next to his previously made brother. Sometimes you have such a day… Then you are ready to start soldering the stuff. I had successfully used the aluminum solder wire before. Too bad he doesn't pick on ex-Soviet alloys.

Just tried soldering tin anyway

But apparently you can't solder aluminum. Not with tin. In terms of load direction and thermal load, I estimated the matter calmly. That all seemed pretty straightforward to me. So I mounted the nicest comma to the lever with two component glue.

Just stupid tinkering with a pointless motorcycle. I recommend it to everyone.

A hard Chianker…. Or so


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    • @JP
      What's next?
      I take a cautious toss. It is expected that the Chinese will follow the example of 'Vladolf Putler' and take Taiwan, that Li Ping, like that mad Russian who claims that Ukraine belongs to Russia, will insist that Taiwan is Chinese owned. Otherwise, the Chinese can build great stuff if they want to. The corona virus was in any case thick 18 karat. Geez 🥵! Or was it that damn bat? Then really much prefer the Chiang. You can reasonably assume that in any case there will be no spy software in it. Honest metal with some sort of therapeutic value remains.

  1. My Blauwtje (a now fairly mutated R45) was a fairly in need of help as a 13-year-old when purchased. Maybe not like the Chiang, but still. Literally everything has been loose for repair and other care, except for the crankshaft itself and the brake switch at the brake pedal. But beyond that, everything was really loose. Just because it was really necessary. Have some parts fallen out of my mind and then I play hide-and-seek to my heart's content? Count on yess 😖. Everything would be fine with Blue. He has now grown old with me, is free of road tax and as a mutated (and drugged) Bavarian Boxer drives amazingly, almost untypically BMW. The Chiang also deserves such love, even if more often that means spending five minutes or more looking for parts that set out on their own, right?

  2. nothing pointless are fine stories thanks to Putin and his Chinese image .
    , yes and the writer .
    Is there an end date planned??
    No, of course not first countless stories and visits to Hardenberg and the “Golden” mountain ersatz or erzats Teile in Genemuiden

    • It's an open-ended story. “If there is some time, something will be done about it.” But just discovered that the sincee dynamo is the starter motor and that the starter motor comes from Bosch

  3. Working on that Chiang actually seems to have therapeutic value!
    It amazes me that there are so many different versions of parts. Gosh, I'm really curious how it will ride!
    It will take a while, but hang in there!!

  4. Great story , thought I had just fallen to the ground and never to be found again , well mothers came home with a flat rear tire of her bicycle walking and grumbling 3 kilometers with 2 full bags , so hop the bike up and wheel remove the tire and search and yes, that piece of iron that had fallen on the floor,
    YES that russian aluminum ?? My father-in-law (Russian) had a wardrobe and two hinges were broken with such a round pin in the sides of the cupboard and door, I boast oooh I'll solder that (not so) everything dripped on the floor 😥 he looking with furrowed eyebrows OEPSSSS that was immediately minus 5 points 😪, but don't give up I got real aluminum from a picture (Dutch
    3 new ones cut out and polished, haha ​​like a mirror so in the evening, I went through a few good vodkas with him 😉 and everything turned out okay again NOW??
    but i reminded her that her bike went like a russian torpedo again, so you see

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