A Honda CB125 is a very nice Hondaatje

Honda CB125
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But what is particularly striking: the quality of such a Honda CB125 from the early 1970s of the last century is so much better than that of the five year old Honda CBF125 that my son rides on. But that thing that shamelessly runs 1 on 50 comes from Thailand or some other kind of country where Harley-Davidson and Triumph nowadays also have many of their things made.

Tiny and endearing

Such a Honda CB125 from that time is so dated that it can only be used here on the more serious cycle paths and inland roads with inferiority complexes. Oh yes: they also do a nice job on a little camper. More fun than such a desperate Chinese scooter. With a grown-up Dutchman, such a Honda CB125 runs a kilometer or eighty max. And there is not much room for the duo passenger. The brakes can't handle much more than those speeds. The frame either. The rear suspension without significant damping is also a serious issue. These motorcycles were calculated for riders of approximately 65 / 70 kilos. I weigh 104.

In terms of employability, such a Honda CB125 is still 100%.

There is not much left for parts, but exhaust bends and dampers are becoming scarce. Such a small rising sun stands and falls with its original colors. Fortunately, tightening and spraying such a single-cylinder is not a thing that you run empty on. But take the trouble to do it right. Because in terms of colors and finishes, such a Honda CB125 was quite a chic bike.

The single cylinders are really loyal service bikes.

The twins are 'sportier'. They wanted to run cheering. And if that was done long and enthusiastically, they would break. The top-end bearings usually gave up the ghost. They steered better than the single cylinders. Funnily enough, very nice specimens appear with some regularity. They are usually taken by 'the trade' to fill the smallest corners in the container. When adopting, make sure that there is no ticking and whirring from the front.

With all their limitations, 125 people are great fun. You even grab them to drive from the couch to the refrigerator. And everyone you meet on it is endearing.

The twins

The Honda CB125 Twin was introduced at a time when manufacturers with 125 employees fought each other out of the tent. But increasingly heavier engines were offered and requested in Europe and the States. So that the Honda CB125 was one of the few 125cc motorcycles available at the end ... That lasted until the 1980s.

In the meantime there is a kind of boost in that class

And funnily enough, part of the offer is still based on Chinese clones of the Honda blocks from back then. Only those turrets are now often equipped with injection and they are clearly less qualitatively less (beautiful) than the originals.

An old 125 with such a freshly stir-fried Bami block, you can do that for a few hundred euros. That is not original. But can be an option.

However, the parts supply for original new ( and used parts is still fine.

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  1. Best ,
    I have a twin from 1970, unfortunately the engine does not turn and I am looking for a specialist who can fix this. Any idea where I can go for that.?
    Thanks in advance

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