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Of course the Internet is quite a thing nowadays. But there is still nothing like real conversations between real people. Because in such a conversation, with someone you actually know for quite a long time, you can just mumble: “So for you it all started with a Honda Dream? I have another thing in the attic. He is well apart. And it may have been 30 years since I took it apart. There was something about a plastic wheel. But wait a minute! I bought that new at that time. "

That Dream, isn't that something for you?

In the village where I lived, the parents of a boyfriend divorced me. That was quite a lot then! The new lover of my boyfriend's mother was a professional soldier. He regularly visited home with a colleague during working hours. In a DAF 314. An army truck in that state was of course pure adventure. But the man also rode a motorcycle. He had a Honda Dream ... And that's how it all started. Because as an eight year old you are very receptive to new impressions.

Come and visit us

The friendly Honda Dream in parts owner took me to his shed. There were a number of fairly rare to quite unique engines dusting. In the barn there were two floors of planking along two walls. And on the top floor against the facade, I saw the butt of a stripped Honda Dream. I was allowed to adopt the project. I was awarded the kit.

Bringing down the rolling frame was sub optimal for someone with a fear of heights. And there still have to be a lot of parts somewhere. Because my Honda Dream is now far from complete. But there will be searched in all boxes, drawers and shelves. And in the attic and in the mezzanine. And then we talk about the house.

I have a Dream!

But later I will eventually have the engine that started it all for me. Of course I just have to make sure that the project does not last another 30 years. Anyway, first I want to score a few chrome tank flanks. Because they are included. But they are bad. Other rims should also be included ... And then there are a few small items.

The small one, because such a thing is really small, Honda Dream is red enamelled. But that red is not The Official Honda Red. Oh yes: A C 77, 300 cc shield of perspex is proudly displayed above the rear light. And the block says "C72." And that is really the 250 cc block. And the pistons are tragically rusted.

In de tussentijd

In the meantime, such a Dream is one of the first 'heavy' Japanese engines that would conquer the world via Europe. But for me, such a device is purely youth sentiment. There was recently a copy in mint condition for sale for a ASK price of € 3.900. They didn't even respond to that ad. If mine is ready soon, then he must have cost it and never pay it.

Because there is a curse on the popularity of the C72, C77 Hondas. Nice and important: In the coming period I am busy rebuilding a boy's dream. Soon I have a Honda C77. With a C72 block. And as yet without papers.

And just by talking to people and not living behind my keyboard.


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  1. There are still some parts in the pipeline. But what will be found after thirty years? I have already noticed that the Dreams are not only unwanted, but that there are also no trays of parts on MP and investigators. But in the meantime the piston rings are loose again and the bores do not look hopeless. I'm happy!

  2. It is almost 55 years ago for me, but there are various parts usable of type cb 72, first compare everything and measure pistons big enden valves valve guides etc ratio of gearbox is different but maybe usable.
    Coupling is on the crankshaft but maybe the plates and compression springs fit.
    Success gr.

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