A Laverda poster

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A Laverda poster

At the fair there was an exhibitor with a very nice Laverda factory poster. A glassy, ​​dreamy-looking man stood before it. He almost drooled with worship. There was something sacred about the man that is usually referred to as 'the woman'. In contrast to and with all respect for all members of the nicer modeled gender who are women in all good respects of that word. But this was one of which the forest rangers used to say: "Women are like mushrooms. If you hit the wrong person, you will break it. " On scale. The man turned out to have been Laverdist in happier times. The exhibitor turned out to be a nice person instead of a money-hungry wolf. After a short, pleasant conversation, he said, "It costs seventy, but you can have it for forty."

That was a friendly offer

The ex Laverdist looked as happy as he hadn't been since his yes. He turned to the woman and asked for the household clerk. The woman thing fell out loud. That it was bad enough to go with him to that dirty motorcycle show every year. Did he know how much the access did not cost? Loud and throaty. The man pulled his head a little between the shoulders and bent his back. All very embarrassing. The woman enjoyed her power and attention. Took a deep breath to mercilessly do it again. From the left, someone put a far hand to the counter and put forty euros there. The stranger spoke to the victim: "Look, then I'll buy it for you, but then you must promise us all that you will tie the thing to the first parking spot on a tree and never pick it up again."

The woman shifted the line of fire unjustified.

The quiet doneur looked at her with a totally empty look and said completely calmly: "Shut up." The woman thing turned bewildered to her legal ownership, her husband: "Do you hear what that guy says?" She screamed. Perhaps for the first time in their lives the spouses had eye contact. The man did not lower his eyes. He straightened his back. Said, “That gentleman is right. You have to shut up and give me my money. ”It became deafening. In a radius of at least five meters around the position. Dead silent. The ex Laverdist continued to look his wife in the eye. She lowered her eyes first. Took the wallet out of the bag and handed it in silence. The former Laverdist spent fifty euros and said: “That's how we share the difference. Thanks."

He shook hands with his unexpected ally and said, “I am Eelko. You have a beer from me. Are you coming? ”The knotty motorcycle enthusiast nodded affirmatively. Eelko and his savior walked away to the tap island. The woman bulked up: "What about me?" Everyone heard her.

But nobody listened to her anymore.
She stopped at the stall.
The head and shoulders bent forward.
It quickly became cozy again.


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