A DAFJE out. A little chauvinism. 

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On a Sunday car ride in the attractive surroundings of Havelte (Drenthe), the familiar air-cooled DAF engine sound suddenly sounded everywhere, followed by a large number of DAF's 33. That still thrills us as classic enthusiasts. Everyone has a thing for DAF, it brought back a national piece of automotive technology for a while. 

By: Dirk de Jong

The sun made the friendly invasion shine and you could see from the many viewers and reactions that the memory of the DAF passenger cars is still very much alive. You saw a smile on their faces everywhere.

To value

Fortunately, there are now many enthusiasts who are able to appreciate the special features of the DAF passenger cars. A 1964 ad reported! “DAF is a fast accelerator that has no shifting pauses. Fierce, fast acceleration due to the fully automatic drive, high travel speed due to the powerful air-cooled engine. A marathon runner, who can run for hours at top speed. A rally winner with exceptional driving qualities and enormous reliability. An inner grease with royal comfort, luxurious interior, enormous luggage space. An outdoor sleeper with stainless steel bumpers, grille and wheel covers, and a special anti-corrosion layer on the underside of the car.” We can safely count the fully automatic DAF with its special drive system (Variomatic) as a national pride.

Dutch DAFJE out

In the parking lot at a restaurant in Havelte we came into contact with Arjan and Damiaan, who make pleasant rides possible with these characteristic small family cars. In addition to the business side of the rental, they also enjoy the pleasure of fun and exciting rides with the DAF. Damiaan: “After all, it is like driving through the old days. Romance and nostalgia are thus intertwined in a special way. There was then an unspoiled sense of freedom, optimism and progress. And today you can still see the close relationship that people have with our DAFs. The DAFs are certainly not all in concours condition, but have been preserved for the future. You could say that it looks pretty good, and there are also some very nice ones. The main thing is that many enthusiasts can enjoy it ... and drive of course. After all, that's what they were made for."

Damiaan has been commercially active with the 'wonderbakkies' for at least 15 years and discovered an increasing demand for DAF for family and staff outings. So he thought that he could offer people a unique joint day in this way. The fact that it has now been successful is clearly visible in the photos. Driving a private tour with colleagues, friends or family is now possible, turning an outing into a party.

Image problem?

In bygone times, the car (unjustly) had an image problem, because the car became popular among women and the elderly because of its easy driving characteristics. But now? In old age, DAF flourishes completely. Who would have thought it would grow into such an important role?

Enthusiasm is contagious

What were the experiences during the Dutch DAFJE out? Read the reactions along: “The DAF feeling is completely back.” “Nice touring with enthusiastic people, lots of attention along the way, stopping for photo sessions.” “Fascination for a car that is a little different.” “Lovely sound of the engine, an old-fashioned fun day in a traditional Dutch DAF.” “DAF is fantastic, I love DAF.” “A tribute to the creative brain of the Van Doorne's. In short: an exciting day in the small family car of Dutch manufacture.” And the last reaction is telling: "DAF IS AF!!"

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  1. My father the same. Also worked at the social Daf group for 30 years. Had all Daffen. With travel sleeper, roof imperial full, 5 in it dd Pyrenees, Alps etc. Never broken, always good

  2. My father used to work at DAF and so we drove DAF too.
    That was from 1963 until DAF passenger car was swallowed by Volvo, which must have been in 1977.
    As a result, we have had many types, mainly because a staff discount was given for DAF employees. My dad drove almost without depreciation and so every year there was another one of which my mother could choose the color as long as it was white. The cars were very basic but that was the case at the time and they were also very reliable…. never had pieces. My first car was a DAF nl 55 coupe type 1 and I now have such a car again for fun. Only good experiences with the somewhat under-appreciated brand!!!!!

    • My father the same. Also worked at the social Daf group for 30 years. Had all Daffen. With travel sleeper, roof imperial full, 5 in it dd Pyrenees, Alps etc. Never broken, always good

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