A princess in the polder

ER Classics Desktop 2022

The two of us are driving through the abandoned Flevopolder. It is dusk. In addition to the road, the roadside is full of roadside cash registers and highly active speed controllers have made the region famous and top safe. The car in the distance is therefore approached with suspicion and behind.

A woman gets out who is waving kindly

We stop and park our mopeds safely. The SEAT is a bit sad about the right. A flat tire. The young lady in question has noticed that and points out the phenomenon. We ask: "Do you have a spare tire?" She has one. "He's in the back." "Do you have a jack?" She has one too. It is also in the back. We become mildly curious. "But why don't you change that wheel?" Something rebellious sparks in her falling darkness. "But don't you see that I'm not dressed for that at all?"

We don't have that much view and it is getting dark fast

But we do see that this lady did not go shopping at the Zeeman or Wibra. "So. That's smart. We actually don't either. Yet? How long have you been standing here? ”That was about five minutes. "And how long will you stand if nobody helps you?" We become curious. With the sigh of a teacher explaining something to the stupidest boys in the class, Blondie sighs: "Well, if you see a woman in need, then you are a startling piece of non-sense if you don't help her."

We look at each other in an appraising way

“We don't think you are in need. You are just too bad to do something yourself. We will continue nicely. It is 2018. It would be too sexist if we were to change wheels here. ”We greet friendly and start the horses again. A car is coming behind us. Our stranded princess is taking a careful step off the roadside. In our mirrors we see how she raises a hand.

Later we are at the gas station near Bunnik to have coffee and bite cholestrol. While our jaws grind fat, after all, flat calories don't turn on, our former stranded princess enters the gas station. She greets you kindly.

Good friends

She takes a bottle of trendy water from the cooler and she settles her excise juice and the water. Then she walks towards us relaxed. “The next one that stopped did help me. I didn't even have to be pathetic. Are all old motorcyclists so apprenticed? I just thought you were all midlifelosers hunting for your lost youth. "

We report that we are not fundamentalists, but that we are extremely flexible. And that we don't know or will not know a midlife crisis because we always do did the things we wanted. Such as driving around on old motorcycles and ignoring easy-going ladies.

Our princess looks worried: “I have that again. I meet a bunch of old men who are simply satisfied. ”


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