Bad luck en route: Plugging a strap

A plug after 5000 km

A while ago, a flat tire with a classic inner tube was the reason to have my motorcycle transported by a recovery van. Sticking on tires, the roadside assistance does not do that anymore. A while later, the rear tire of another classic, but used for daily use engine was also flat on the bottom. But that was a tubeless inner tube. And repairing it, 'plugging it in' is a piece of cake. Certainly if you have a tubeless tire repair kit to hand.

Ff plugs

After removing the intruder who had punctured the tire, the 'lace' was inserted into the hole according to the instructions. Ready! The tire had apparently picked up the screw that had punctured him in a bend. The self-taper was not in the full tread, but more in the shoulder of the tire. A tire specialist, who was approached later, said that the venom was in the location of my repair. At the location of the perforation there is significantly less rubber mass than on the full tread. The 'plugging', the insertion of the rubber lace provided with vulcanizing agent, could be dangerous on the shoulder or flank of a tire due to the lack of 'support' for the repair. He said he should not have repaired the tire. According to his regulations, it was a complete disapproval.

According to experts, plugging a tubeless motorcycle tire is always an emergency solution.

“But what if I had just given you a tenner and didn't want a receipt? "" Well. I know how you drive. But then it would have been your risk. " Because even as a tire specialist you have to be realistic. I still got the tip to keep an eye on the place of the repair. If the rubber started to bubble around the repair, air would have come between the cord layers. And that is actually tricky.

In such a case, it is also a great option to fit an inner tube in the tubeless tire. The Indian stories about how dangerous that weather can be are nonsense. It is useful to spread a handful of talc in the tire to function as an additional 'lubricant' between inner tube and outer tube. This way you prevent the hypothetical but often discussed 'friction' between the inner tube and outer tube. And that this issue is taken seriously? It will. In an old newsletter from the garage sector we found:

It can be dangerous

“We maintain the opinion that it is dangerous to fit an inner tube in a tubeless tire. The tire has a lining that replaces the inner tube. If an inner tube is nevertheless fitted, it will usually be tucked into it. Extra heat will be generated at high speeds (hysteresis). This can lead to dangerous situations (blowout!) ”.

The plugging of a tubeless inner tube is often (still) seen as an emergency measure

But the repair of the flat Guzzi rear tire now holds like such an 5000 km. He remains - barring unforeseen circumstances - so comfortable until the bike gets fresh Battlaxjes again this fall. But in this story we are talking about normally used classics. I can imagine that things are different with an 180 pk superbike from 2016.



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  1. Hi George, You are convincingly right. But for my free-range classics, I set the bar a little lower. A tubeless will not blow, not even after being plugged. And I was just curious about what was going to happen. But now there is another problem that needs to be addressed: my wife's Gazelle front tire is flat.

  2. Plugging a strap is always an emergency repair in the motorcycle world.
    In itself, an emergency repair can remain in place for a long time, that is up to the owner of the engine. An inner tube is of course also possible, but then you only have the advantage of a tubeless tire no longer where if you drive through something sharp the tire does not tear open in one go as an inner tube can.

    As a motorcycle mechanic I also speak from my own experience where I got a blow down tire on a motorcycle (inner tube). With two of us on the bike, some luggage and 130 km / h and hub there we went. At the moment of the blowout the engine drifted with the rear towards guardrail, but luckily the empty tire fell over just in time so that we were driven to the emergency lane. The speed was out then and everything ended safely.

    I say, no cheap solutions with tires and brakes .. These days it is busy enough on the road and you don't want an accident for the money of a new tire.

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