A Sunday full of history: National Oldtimday Lelystad on 17 June

National Old-timer Day
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In the course of its existence, the National Oldtimer Day has grown into an appealing and leading event. It is also the largest oldtimer meeting in the Benelux in terms of size. A unique mobile collection of more than 400 historic top mobiles liven up the upcoming edition. Simple and exclusive classic vehicles will make their appearance in Lelystad during the coming 34th edition. The National Oldtimer Day in Lelystad will again be full of history this year. This Sunday, June 17, it will take place in the vicinity of the Bataviahaven.

Beautiful parts are on the program in the coming edition. Henry Lely, for example, is being honored with a T-Ford parade in Lelystad. Also a chapter from the history of this year's Porsche jubilating is not missing. A memorial is organized in collaboration with Pon and the Porsche 356 club. That is not for nothing, because it is 70 years ago that the very first Porsche 356 - the Roadster No. 1 - was registered.

Morris Minor, 70 year

In 2018, not only Porsche will be 70 years old. This also applies to the Morris Minor, which was introduced in September 1948. The Moggy was a defining force in Britain's post-war automotive industry. Sir Alec Issigonis designed a reliable, affordable and comfortable car, which was produced until 1971. The Minor represents the British optimism of the XNUMXs, XNUMXs and XNUMXs and was produced over XNUMX million times. In Lelystad this Sunday, this English icon will be considered.

Belle Epoque

With 'Belle Epoque II' there is a sequel to the presentation of the pioneers of the first hour. We mention a number of the cars present within this section. The Stanley Steamer EX Tonneau 1907, Beritur Bertrand Paris C 1900, Stanley Steamer Mountain Wagon 1913, The Dion Bouton Open Tourer 1909, Rover 12 'Colonial' Tourer 1913, Cadillac Model B Tonneau 1904: they will all present their presence in the capital from Flevoland.

Much more to experience during National Oldtimer Day

This way there is much more to experience and see in Lelystad. The Concours d'Elegance with vehicles in different classes is such a part. And the public can marvel at vehicles such as the Lane Stemacar Tonneau from 1909 and a Dennis Lorrie truck from 1927. These are just a few examples of unique vehicles that can be viewed in Lelystad. The whole in Lelystad will be graced by performances and street theater. There are also plenty of catering points and the automotive enthusiasts can also enjoy themselves.

You can find more information about this free event on the website of the National Old-timer Day.

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