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A tip for next year: with the classic caravan on the road

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Putting a classic car in front of a caravan

Why not? It was already done then and a classic car in combination with a classic caravan can be a very nice whole, a nice addition to the classic hobby.

Classics are in principle better caravan tractors than modern cars

That alone is due to their much greater simplicity compared to all those front-wheel drivers terrorized by the wind tunnel.

A classic rear-wheel drive car with a pleasantly long wheelbase guarantees good straight-line stability. Of course there must be some power on board. Because who does not know the stories of family members who had to get out in the Alps (or Ardennes) to help a beetroot filled with Beetles or Taunus, with potatoes and a meatball filled with meatballs, to come up the hill?

Torque above power

In addition, the available torque (at pleasant low revs) is more important than a wild top power. And there our classics can score points in competition with today's high-speed front-wheel drive sixteen valves. The fact that 'old' cars usually also have a lower final transmission is another profit point for a caravan tractor.

A matter of weight

Estimated, you can pull a caravan with a classic three-quarters of the curb weight of the towing car. Quite a few classics do not even have a maximum towing weight. And the best caravan tractors, these are conventional rear-wheel drivers with robust, low-revving six- or eight-cylinder engines. Think from Opel Kaptein to Range Rovers. But also the German and British Ford V6 engines are excellent sources of power for caravan tractors. The ordinary four-cylinder classics, with a minimum cylinder capacity of such an 1500 cc, can also go on holiday. But we think they are more suitable for a classic folding trailer than for a caravan.

Everyone smiles

Of course the guaranteed smile of the other campers is always a fantastic welcome. But before the time comes, a few preconditions must be met. For example, the technical condition of the towing car must be really above average. The brakes, the clutch, but also the cooling system get considerably more difficult with a caravan tractor than with a solo ride through the Flevopolder. The installation of a new radiator, a fresh water pump and the use of one of the water-free new coolants is absolutely recommended. Just like the placement of a thermostat-controlled electric cooling fan.

Another cooling thing: an automatic transmission can benefit from a transmission oil cooler. Another temperature issue: the ignition of the classic can require adjustments to the timing when using modern gasolines. And of course the attachment of the tow bar must be good. The suspension and shock absorbers must also be in order and / or adjusted. Think of adapting to the once famous 'tiger balls', the air-filled auxiliary suspension that were mounted in the normal springs. There are now modern versions of that. Such adjustments prevent the butt of the trigger from being gloomy and low while the nose looks up curiously.

But of course the most important thing when driving with a classic caravan combination is that any kind of hurry should be left at home. And then a whole new world can open up for you.

And of course old caravans are first restored

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