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And Umm naturally stands for União Metalo-Mecânica, and that is Portuguese again. The company was founded in 1977 to make 4WD agricultural vehicles, utility and army vehicles. The Umms are therefore a kind of Jeeps. Made to work. Not to look beautiful.

The ugly boy had been born before. The original designer, French village blacksmith Cournil, conceived and built a 1960WD 4 based on parts from the Hotchkiss jeep, the metric version of the Willy's jeep, before 1.0. . His brainchild, de Cournil, was sold quite nicely to local farmers and taken over by Auverland. In Portugal, the Umm machine factory began licensing construction in 1978 and thought that these diligent workers could also sell well to the army.

All in all, such an 10.000 + has been made.

Defense in the Netherlands adopted forty of them as compensation for an order for DAF army vehicles. All in all, some 100 must have been delivered in the Netherlands. Things were as simple and indestructible as a brick. The ladder frame was over-dimensioned as the thick sheet-steel bodywork welded to it.

In the meantime, the technology was no longer from Hotchkiss, but from Peugeot. The well-known Indénor diesels of 2.1 or 2.3 liters and later the 2.5 liter versions ensure eternal life under the hood. But the Portuguese were loose in their purchasing policy. They also scored stuff at Alfa Romeo and Volvo. In the evolved version, the Alter, there was even a real Peugeot dashboard instead of a steel plate with some holes. The Umm became less and less like an agricultural implement and more and more like a car….

Shed 8 Umm three-quartersThe headlights were now tightly built into the almost graceful nose instead of being bolted to the bumper. Sort of ... The CW value remained that of a medium-sized village church with all that detail care.

There were ventilated disc brakes and a modified chassis. The final motorization, the 110 HP turbo diesel had a five-speed gearbox and a highly decadence power steering.

Umm several times bravely resisted the Paris Dakar.

And we came to the Umm story by a happy phone call from Kiat Que, the proud manager of Loods 8 from Arnhem, a unique company that is always open when it is not closed. Among other things, Kiat trades in art objects from Papua New Guinea. And he also has such 100 used bicycles. He drives MZ ...

The Umm purchase was one out of passion.
In fact, the Umm now stands in the way ...

Kiat is approachable to have the Umm adopted.
It needs some cosmetic work.

Cosmetic work?
To a Umm?
We must have misunderstood that ...

Kiat can be reached via



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