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Alvis only built complete chassis

The bodies for that rolling Alvis chassis were built by well-known coachbuilders, such as Cross & Ellis, Charlesworth, Vanden Plas, Mulliner, Park Ward and Graber. That is also the reason why there are so many different versions. The TA / TB series was a top seller: about 3.400 were made in the five-year production period. The TA thus resulted in black figures in the books at Alvis. It was made money. YES !!

Alvis was a typical English "upper-middle-class" car

For people who wanted to be noticed, but only in a civilized way. An example of hypothermic success. You will not find many Alvis in our country. The copies present have been collected within the Owners Club. We raised the hood of Jan's TA 14 and were very happy. Under the hood of modern cars is sadness. Every engine block nowadays has a burqa on.

It cannot be more honest

Under the beautiful curvaceous bonnet of the Alvis TA 14 lies an engine as it is intended: An honest four in line with a perverse beautiful aluminum valve cover. And that valve cover is held in place by parts that are 'wing nuts' in the most literal sense. Beautiful and as uncovered as Eve before the fall. The principle of 'form follows function' lies there in its essence. That functional is probably due to the fact that Alvis made money with the production of trucks and armored vehicles. Google on youtube but once on Alvis Stalwart and shudder. by the way, we still know a dozen of those Stalwarts ...

Production, hardly any earnings

The car division rarely wrote black numbers. The TA14 was one of the first cars to be manufactured in post-war England and was actually an upgraded for war model. Back to the engine compartment. The four-cylinder 1.800 cc block is sturdy but looks slender. The various polished parts (was that ever original?) Give a kind of subdued exuberance to the whole in a civilized way.

The wiring is largely original, so with woven stocking. The black of the block has not fallen victim to cosmetic terror. Black as intended. Under a bonnet and on cast iron in any case. The spark plug cables are subjected to a mild form of bondage. That keeps them neat and tidy. Here and there we see an optically somewhat laboriously integrated AMP plug, such as the DC dynamo from Lucas from the time that no jokes were made about that brand. The horizontal SU carburetor is at ease squat on the side of the cylinder head. Various moving connections such as the adjustment of the advance of ignition are neatly secured with wire. A while ago, it looks like. Beautiful.

This car

Year of construction: 1948 mileage: 87.474, bodywork: coach, 4 doors, fuel: gasoline. 4 engine cylinder in line. Head valve, 1892 cc, bore x stroke 74 x 110 mm, compression 6,9: 1. 2 valves / cyl, carburation: a single, horizontal SU type H4 1 1⁄2-inch. Maximum power: 68 pk at 4000 up to and including. Top speed: approx. 120 km / h. Transmission: Manual, four speeds. The mechanically operated drum brakes with two ascending shoes were from Girling. Among the wheel arches were 16 inch steel rims. The dampers were adjustable from under the dashboard and came from Luvax hydraulic


Thanks to the Tinga, Leimuiden professional garage

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