Visiting Dieudonnée


En route to Dieudonnée. Dieudonnée has the careful caressability factor of an assertive squirrel. She is a descendant of an old Walloon family of industrialists and motorcyclists. Former uncle Victor-Daniel was the first Waal to kill a Dutch caravan. In 1961.

She used to be a wild girl

Now she's a bit eccentric. Before the end of our first glass, two motorcyclists enter the driveway of her neglected château. They are the astonishing Ambrosius XT Biermantel, philosopher and general expert, and the unlikely Walter W., the former (?) Flemish secret agent. The ultimate symbiosis between 007 and Lambic. The nicest killer within our circle of acquaintances. We got to know him - or 'learn to know' in Flemish - through the indescribable Boxer Whisperer.

Parking in the park

D'n Ambroos sets his smoky and oil-leaking Rudge Ulster against the centuries-old chestnut in the castle park. The museum four-valve looks desperately out of its crankcase covers. The massive Ambrosius almost smothers the frail Dieudonnée in his mighty arms. Between the two are Dieudonnée's rusty brown hair plus Ambroos's fierce beard and exuberant gags and there is the sound of wet kisses. It has been rumored for years that d'n Ambroos is the father of Dieudonnée's daughter, the Brussels Euro Intrigante Ghislaine with the bottle green eyes. Because they were wild rascals at the time, those two.

Taking a break

Dieudonnée wrestles himself from the grip and index finger beringly to the motorcycle of Walter W. ”Keskesessa? Donnemwalesklee! ”Walter W. would rather die than speak Walloon. "This is a motorbike tired" test for the service. And 'here are the keys.' Dieudonnée grabs her helmet still painted by Andy Warhol and disappears furiously from the screen.

“Tis still a wild maske.” Sighs Ambrosius with tenderness

We find a bottle of thirty-year-old Calva. Get ham, hard sausage and cheese from the food cupboard. We discuss everything. Solve the world problem smoothly. "And santé, for your sake, healthy!"

With great light on, the Flemish Secret Agent Engine blows up the driveway again. Dieudonnée is sore. Angry, she indexes again with a nicely manicured hand at Walter W. Her wrist jewels sparkle and ring in anger. “I just went to Luxembourg city to pick up some clothing and medicine. I'll be back at the bike. I see that there are all kinds of devices in the suitcases! Of course I called Dieter! She took it out. And the suitcases are too low! They hit the ground in the turns! ”Something like that. But then in rapid Walloon.

The cases have ragged, oval wear holes on the outside sides. The covers have traces of paint from hardly any cars. The clothing is in bags of chic fashion houses. The drugs are the kind of better recreational drugs. Dieudonnée consumes it as from the age of fourteen. Yes, that Dieudonnée used to be a wild one! The story even goes that Ambrosius is the father of ...

Ho. We already had that. And that Ghislaine has amazing bottle-green eyes? Also mentioned? It's late enough. That evening the Enemy could have invaded Flanders. Because Walter W. was defenseless. Although? Defenseless? You never know that with Walter W.


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