A winter memory… – column

A winter memory… – column

The roof of my garage was still white this morning and there was ice in the pond. Winter is over again. And it was another winter of nothing. We each stood with a glass of whiskey in hand admiring a recently purchased Dnepr with a driven sidecar wheel. The purchase of that tricycle was based on stories about the past. About Elephant encounters. Endless rides through the snow. Camping in a white winter landscape. Campfires and booze.

But winters aren't what they used to be

In D. it was even very warm this winter. Friend Eddie, who has been operating on improbable amounts of medication and spirits for years, had to do something about the tank of his sidecar combination. There was still quite a bit of excise juice in the tank, but Eddie was able to find no jerry can so soon (and so late). So he emptied the tank and I the bushes of the dog walking field next to his shed. You can comment on this from an environmental point of view. But if you pour ten liters of petrol on New Year's Eve over some shrubs or whatever that scum may be called? That's asking for trouble. Half an hour later the bushes were magically ablaze because of a blown off piece of fireworks. Eddie's once sound upbringing was evident in his astonished conclusion: "It was like the burning bush." (From the Bible and appears in Exodus 3.) And the fire brigade was already so busy that night.

But the approach was to make the sidecar combination Elefantentrefen resistant

Two-wheel drive was already provided at the factory. There were already studded tires. But the passenger heating system deserved attention, according to our chemical wonder animal. The right exhaust bend was therefore diverted through the box. Just drill two holes in the box, put the exhaust pipe through and you're done! The whole stuff was loaded and the kick-off was the next day.

The passenger's bottom remained at a reasonable temperature due to the improvised heater

But pilot Eddie felt cold behind his windshield and with his feet in the shelter of the cylinders. He anchored at a village garage along the inland route and, like technicians, entered into a conversation with the garage owner, who thought it was all wonderful. For example, a set of very brutal, high-rising leg shields with razor-sharp edges was immediately made with some steel strips and some cut up car sheet metal plus a kilo of pop rivets. The journey could continue.

With only a few minor hurdles, the camping area was reached where the heroes found themselves missing their tent. Years of experience had taught the travelers that most problems solve themselves. So the internal systems were first kept warm and lubricated by Bratwursten and Schnapps. When it got late and giggly, the sleeping problem also appeared to be solved. The travelers could sit in a two-person tent. In any case, it was nice and warm with four people in a two-person tent.

But for the second night, a less sporty accommodation was chosen. All in all, it was an Elefanten meeting according to the best boys' dreams. Once back in Noord-Holland, it turned out that the tent was still standing on the garage path. And then it came spring again and everything turned out fine.

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A winter memory…

We naturally express our horror at the state of affairs in the Ukraine. So we donated to giro 555. But we don't think you can project Evil onto a few old motorcycles. After all, there is no embargo on driving German or Japanese cars and motorcycles. The iron is harmless.


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  1. I too am a K750 rich. Once equipped with a Russian hammer and sickle flag to increase the visibility of the night black painted iron steed. After the raid, you threw that flag into the stove and hung a Ukrainian flag in front of it, that's how you do it.
    Never had the courage and sense to go to the Elefantentreffen in Solla with the side valve, but have been 4 x with the BMW R100.

    • The editorial side valve has now also been stripped of its already faded hammer and sickle. And to go to the Elefantentreffen with a side valve you just have to have a lot of time

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Peugeot 505 GRD Dangel 4×4 (1989) by Johan is a driving legend