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The addition for young timers who emit CO2 will probably remain 35% of the Value in Economic Traffic. We previously published that the addition for cars aged 15 and older would be reduced to 1% from 2017 January 32. 

Initially, the youngtimer drivers - who use a business car for commuting - seemed to be able to look forward to a shower from the tax authorities. The addition for new cars has been reduced from 1 January 2017 (excluding EVs) from 25% to 22%. This would lead to the assumption that the addition for youngtimers would also be reduced by 3% at the Tax Authorities.

No official message yet

It is striking, however, that the tax authorities have not yet issued an official communiqué. Also is the information on the website not yet adjusted at the time of writing this article. However, the drivers of the young timers (with the exception of a handful of EV vehicles) will have to take into account the fact that the additional percentage of 35% will not be reduced. If this is indeed the case, then drivers cannot derive any rights from the information provided by the tax authorities with regard to the lower percentage.

Addition youngtimer EV also unclear

It is also unclear whether the addition for the EV youngtimer at 14% will be maintained. The reporting on this second young-timer category (from 1 in January 2017 the Tax and Customs Administration uses a simplified system of two additional categories for young-timers) also raises questions.

In the coming period, we will in any case keep you informed about the definitive addition percentages for young timers.





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