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We recently placed a call to report 'addresses'. Addresses where there are still people who do not supply cheap Chinese imitation choke faucets (watch out: they break) or exhaust bend sets (they don't fit). Addresses where they just 'still have stuff' and know what they have. And how important they can be? Recently - very recently - I had a moment of heat when the brake lever of my classic Ural combination broke. During braking.

  • Take a break so that you can grumble and laugh about the old Russian mess. And then we continue ...

I had not experienced that in 25 years of Russians

There was no spare lever in the large stock of own parts (I mostly try to be 'my own address'). More modern motorcycles no longer have the well-known 'connection' from the bicycle world with two ears, rotating over a central part. Rightly so. This became apparent during searches in the bins at motor run Joost Woesthoff. The fact that such a Russian has a handlebar of 25 instead of 22 mm - the handlebar never breaks - did not help either. Harley has thick handlebars. But Woesthoff usually doesn't have any Harley stuff. And I was looking for a quick solution. When I showed the broken part at Gekra with little hope, the manager spoke happily: "But that looks very much like BSA stuff!" The Ural brake lever turned out to be 99,9% identical to that of a XNUMXs or so BSA. And there were still a few of them in stock. Original BSA. Real English. And from honest iron instead of dubious light metal. So made to last just as long as the rest of my Russian. Laugh again. And chromed too!

Gerrit Mannebeek came up with a solid addition to 'the Addresses'

You may have addresses and names that you know. But let's cherish and share them. Gerrit: Thank you! By the way, Gerrit's list was more complete. He also reported sites and email addresses. But as much as we want to share everything: sometimes the side turns the ship. This site is a free service for fans of classics on two, three and usually four wheels at most. But keeping the site online costs a lot of money. Naming the names is information. Site and email addresses, that's advertising. And if we just start to advertise for free for everyone, we will get a lot of friends, but we will no longer be able to pay for our own groceries. Not even with our famous 'Triple A' approach: "Aldi, Action, Offers".

There are possibilities to advertise on our site. That is not expensive and the advertiser at least reaches more than 13.500 newsletter subscribers every day. And then there are also countless free searchers and surfers who come to us because the site offers quite a few bite-sized chunks for search engines.

So the addresses so far.

Johan Geertshuis
The Matchless Shop
Ripsestraat 8
5764 PG De Rips

JV Motors
8064 DM Zwartsluis De Groot
British Motorcycle Spares
Stuyvesantweg 84
8479 HK Oldetrijne

Gerard Numeijer
NUBO Motors
Molenveld 9
1777 HN Hippolytushoef

Wheel specialists:
Haan Wheels
Duinweg 7
5482 VR Schijndel

JVD Wheels
Jan van der Wiel
Wiersumstraat 2
9981 JJ Uithuizen

Simon Poelma
Bovenhuizen 6
9981 HB Uithuizen

Grinding, polishing, copper plating, nickel plating, galvanizing

Electro Metaal Tolenaar BV
Dome street 30 / 32
3031 VD Rotterdam

Collector of old-timer mopeds (you never know)

Eelke de Jong
Moolnersrak 12
9036 MJ Menaldum

Turning tool

Harry Spin
LB tools
The Wolfseind ​​4
8102 KB Raalte

And Roger Ristenpatt gave us De Boortoren in Ospel:

Then apparently there is also a parts shop connected to The Official Barry Sheene dedication website by Gerard Kampen.

We got Arnold & Henry without commenttel: 053 - 430 27 94, fax: 053 - 435 09 79, Mecatwin from Dalen.

And after some bad experiences with poor aftermarket / universal cables the supplier of cables that fit and stay intact. They also sell sets with barrels and such. And why is their site mentioned? Visser-Tijhof advertises with us.

Apparently we can continue with our passion.

If we only know our addresses. That is why it is still useful to visit trade fairs. There are still many people there who never advertise anything. It often pays to go down there and search through bins. Treasure digging has never been easier! Now it is only searching for what Honda C77 stuff. And we know CMSNL. Japarts too. But the prices that suppliers charge for New Old Stock do not fit in with our budget.

So we continue: More addresses are welcome!



A British lever. A russian camera






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  1. Very nice those addresses, nice that we can share them that way.
    Motorfietsweb is certainly also a good source, but Dolf knows the way very well.

    I find Arnold and Henry from Dalen (Drente?) Somewhat puzzling with their Mecatwin and with 053 telephone and fax number while those are numbers from Enschede.

  2. Very interesting which addresses for (old) motorcycle parts, I myself usually look in the list of motorcycle web on Google, there are also interesting addresses for success !!!

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