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Again about BXsen. And Mantas ...

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Be soon Citroen BXsen and Opel Mantas worth more than Ferraris and Bugattis.

But just recently? Then the whole family laughed at you if you had a BX and you were disinherited as a Manta driver.

Even BX and Manta jokes were circulating. Did you already know it?

What is a BX on top of a pass transition? A miracle.

And two BXs at the same pass height? That is science fiction!

What do you think when you see three BXs on a mountain? What a funny place for a BX factory.

The similarity between a BX and AIDS? Everyone talks about it. And you don't get rid of it.

How do you get BX parts? By following another BX.

How many people are needed to manufacture a BX? Four. Two to fold, two to stick.

How do you double the value of a BX? By filling it up.

Someone with a jerry can comes to a gas station. The sweaty man asks "I would like a jerry can of gas for my BX". Says the pump clerk. “No, I don't. I don't think that is a good exchange. "

Do you know what is on page 39-41 of the user booklet of a BX? The driving times of public transport.

Do you know why BX drivers always greet each other? They know each other through the garage.

Do you know the BX in Roland Garros? This can be recognized by the tennis ball on the towbar.

Why has a BX rear window heater? That is more comfortable when pushing in the winter.

Mantas so ...
Why was there interest in 80 cm wide Mantas? Then the rider could ride out of the window with both elbows.

Why is that idea stranded? The 1 meter-wide 'Pioneer' stickers would no longer have anyand appropriate.

Why can you buy transparent fenders for Mantas? Then the public can always see the cowboy boots of the rider.

Why do Manta 27 riders have more bones in their bodies than other people? That is because their brain still works mechanically.

There are two pigs and a Manta Rider in a newly launched space capsule: NASA to Zwijn 1: Setting up antennas. Zwijn 1 to NASA: Antennas are set up and targeted. NASA on 2: check all functions. Zwijn 2 to NASA: All functions checked and in order found. NASA to Mantarijder ... “Yes, I know. Feeding the pigs and not touch anything else

Does a Manta Rider encounter a good fee? He can make three wishes. "Mwah. Just give me a pack of Marlboro that never runs out. ”The fairy snaps her fingers and gives the Mantariijder the cigarettes. He lights one up and looks surprised at the still full package. "Crazy! Just give me two packages of that! ”

A Golf GTI driver will be standing next to a Manta at the traffic light. He shouts through the open window: “A mystery. It has four feet and is stupid? You and your girlfriend! ”

At a next traffic light the Manta is standing next to a Jaguar. The Mantapilot shouts: "A mystery: it has four feet and is stupid?" The Jaguar driver raises his eyebrow. The Manta pilot triumphs: My girlfriend and me! ”

A Manta Rider gives a nun a lift. The nun says: I think that it is very Christian of you to give me a lift. De Mantarijder answers: “Ey, Fat for each other. Batman's friends are also my friends. "

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This list is made from a historical point of view and not to hurt anyone.

We are open to more historic car dolls. Something about Volvo 240's maybe?

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