Alfa Romeo 155 Twin Spark 1,8 (1996) from Harm 

Alfa Romeo 155 Twin Spark 1,8 (1996)
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The preference for Alfa Romeo's character traits passed from father to son at Harm. It didn't stop with dreams, both father and son came into possession of classic purebred horses and the greatest possible satisfaction is still noticeable when Harm talks about his youngtimer, the Alfa Romeo 155 Twin Spark. About its performance, about its comfort, about its design. But his enthusiasm – during the chance meeting – was also contagious.

By: Dirk de Jong

This stunning Alfa Romeo 155 Twin Spark has been in his possession for 18 years now. The mileage indicates 320.000, of which he put 200.000 pleasantly on the clock. Now the counter goes slower because it is now a 'storage copy' that still drives well-maintained small trips. His daily car is of course also an Alfa (159), which will not surprise you. Despite the fact that Harm is very careful with his car, he does not shy away from putting his 155 to work every now and then. Last summer, for example, he happily went on holiday with this beautiful Alfa Romeo (with a caravan on the prosperity knob).


His Alfa is a Twin Spark with a 1,8 L engine and a modest 126 hp from the year 1996. So the youngtimer is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. The condition of the car is perfect, the photos are proof.

Satisfaction Factor

Harm: “Driving pleasure is the most comprehensive satisfaction factor for me, for me the model has allure. The somewhat angular carriage has a striking appearance and makes it typical of a child of the 90s. Because you don't see much of it in daily traffic, it has also become an exclusive way of (hobby) transport. It invites a sporty driving style, especially because the engine eagerly hangs on the gas. It's just a car that's different from other cars. For me, this stylish Alfa Romeo 155 is the source of intense satisfaction and satisfaction.”

It is now clear that Harm is attached to his Alfa Romeo 155 Twin Spark, the motorist heart of Harm and his father keeps the hobby alive. He experiences the attention for his beautiful hobby car as an extra bonus when owning it.

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  1. Also nice J.van Oerle such a car. What year is it and what color?

    As for the Alfa Romeos, they are and remain special cars and you must have driven or owned them once in your life. That's (my) thought but I just can't get around to it. There aren't too many Alfas in the area either, maybe that's why.

    Kind regards, Steven

    • Come on Steven. Go ahead and buy a car and enjoy it. Enough bears on the road and you can safely clear those bears.

  2. Dear Harm, what a nice car a 155 is and I dare say one of the best concepts from Alfa Romeo, actually without any problems. I myself have a Dutch 1 TS from 1.6 with 1997 km NAP and is used daily. Have fun driving!!!!!!

    • Dear you, I totally agree with you. They are very fine and unfortunately undervalued Alfas.
      That 1.6 with 123000km can still give a lot of fun. Wishing you many pleasant kilometers.

  3. Looks very nice, congratulations! Around 2000 also had an older 155 as a part trade-in on my Dodge W200 from when it had to go (separation hurts haha), but that Alfa could not appeal to me after my former Alfas with Nord blocks. Very different sound 😉 But yes, the end came when someone had to drive through a red light and crashed into the side, you never get anything with it. The sequel then became a bit tragic: the drivable remainder was exchanged for an escort station turbo diesel, which lost half of its "power" when you turned on the air conditioning, what a loft. Fortunately, after a long time, good times finally came and I could exchange this "turbo" on a fantastic young and slightly tickled Subaru WRX. Finally enjoying it again, that 4 years and about a ton done and then unfortunately due to lack of garage it was economically exchanged for a new Seat eco diesel: the last year refueling every day for Almere-Leeuwarden vv became too irritating, but a pity because what a car! Fortunately, after 11 years, another 17 years young delicious WRX found, looks exactly like the previous one, now purely for enjoyment. And with the new tuned block in it, it should still last a while, now already 2 years mighty happy with this and my girlfriend with this Seat instead of her 24 year young Astra ;-))

    • Thank you for your compliments. The 8 valve block which is in my 155 is the last convulsion of the old trusted nord blocks. Later in 1996 the 8 valve engines were replaced by the 16 valve engines.

  4. Hello editors.
    I am in possession of a special Opel record 6 cell 4 Doors I bought this Opel new and I have driven 480000 km with it

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