Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint | 1964

Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint
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Just look… There she is. All alone. Almost shy. She knows that we are staring at her perfect lines. Along her hips to her beautifully shaped, modest back with those characteristic deep-set rear lights. Through its clear windows to the 55 year old leather.

She knows this needs to be replaced ... Is she a little embarrassed? For her worn out sneakers? She looks so modest, yet she is the mother of the legendary Iso Rivolta, the Gordon Keeble and the BMW 3200 CS. She lent them her blueprint. For the money, probably. But she didn't sell her soul. Not her secrets. She kept a little bit of herself, her pride. She would like us to just get in now. Her delicious six cylinder started so she can finally clear her throat and give men what they want. Because she is good at that. Her insecurity disappears when we run off with her with a cheeky scream. Her strength, sportiness and suppleness is her secret that few of us will ever discover in real life. She is addicted to the attention and know's how to please. She is blessed with a golden voice from Soprano to Contra-Alt. With 145 HP, 2,584 cc and triple carburettors, the Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint goes up to 200 kilometers per hour.

Giorgetto Giugiaro

Italy 1959. The design of the Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint is created with the Alfa Romeo 2000 series. It is the first creation ever of the young designer Giorgetto Giugiaro at Bertone and he is immediately in the saddle for life. He later draws iconic cars as the first Volkswagen Golf and the DeLorean DMC-12. But also the Ferrari 250 GT, the magically beautiful Lotus Esprit and the first Fiat Panda. Even the Hyundai Pony is his ...
With an air scoop on the hood, grinning a row of 6 cylinders lurking, the Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint is simply born in 1962. A top formula with which Alfa Romeo goes back to the 30 years where six-in-line engines were the beating heart of their legendary Machina's.

Sophia Loren

Italy 1964. The year in which the film “Matrimonio all'Italiana” travels the world, which means for Sopia Loren her international breakthrough. In the same year the snow-white Alfa Romeo 2600 Sprint is delivered from this report. With mocha leather and rally wheels. And coincidence or not, Sophia Loren often capitalizes on her success with Alfa Romeo's. It is also the year in which the band's first Ford Mustang rock and roll. Incidentally, criticized by the public for its disappointing design that redo Giorgetto Giugiaro and years later. They immediately win the Best of Show prize during the New York International Automobile show. But this turns out to be just a one-night stand that they will not love the wonderful bastard ... what happened in The States, stays in The States.

New shoes

Hardenberg 2019. Back to the Dame Blanch, here on the ice-cold dyke. You can see her age, her crow's feet up close. She apparently has never succumbed to cosmetic polonaise. Is that her pride again? Although she apparently has had good care, her chrome still shines and her physical condition is very good under her hood, her paint can sometimes be nicely renewed. Her interior has almost perished. Of course, the seats are good. The dashboard is beautiful. Everything works. But someone has to carefully overhaulin her to pay a visit to the restorer. It can make a world of difference with relatively few resources. It is time for a second chapter in her life. Promise her new shoes!


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  1. my father had one of these, bought a few years before his death, as the last foil. Bordeaux with natural leather inside, I got to choose it, was 13 years old at the time! Drove to Le Mans to test it! Sweet memories. What a car. Was a lot with the garage owner!

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