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An Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300 from the first series and from Italy itself. How real can you have it? This slender Italian thoroughbred is on the Catawiki website. Drive to Italy by train and come back with the Alfa. How beautifully can a relationship start with a new classic? How beautiful can the holiday of 2020 still become? The seller prefers: 'prefer to pick up'. So what are you watching?

Alfa Romeo Giulia series 1: The first, the best

It is difficult to find a first series Alfa Romeo Giulia in top condition. It is the version with horizontal ribbon speedometer, low pedals, and many more details that distinguish the first series from its younger relatives. And the 1300's? Those are the most Italian Giulias. Due to road taxes - in Italy based on engine capacity - Alfa Romeo released the Giulia 1300 with a smaller engine. And that is very little inferior to the 1600 cc export version.

Presented in Monza

The Alfa Romeo Giulia was presented in Monza in 1964 and had a 78 hp engine. The top speed was therefore 155 km / h, not much lower than the larger 1600 cc version. In total some 1971 copies were made up to 30.000. From 1966 the Giulia 1300 was also made into the ultimately very popular TI (Turismo Internazionale) version with a top speed of 190 km / h and in 1970 the better equipped Giulia 1300 Super completed the range. In 1974 the Giulia and the Giulia 1300 received a facelift with the Nuova Super 1600 and Nuova Super 1300.

With minimal traces of use. A touch of patina

This Alfa Rommeo Giulia, which is now offered through Catawiki via, is in an almost perfect condition all round after an exemplary restoration. There are only minimal signs of wear. The Alfa is not red for once, but has a stylish dark green jacket. Externally, the Alfa is a beauty, but technically it is also in top condition. The compression test of the beautiful four-cylinder yields the nominal factory values. It is a completely original car with vintage black number plates, original number plate, already registered with ASI.

Streamlined unexpectedly

Despite its 'square' 'box-upon-box' appearance, the air resistance of the Giulia was, thanks to the so-called Kamm tail, still lower than that of, for example, a Porsche 911 of that time. And with 1300 cc under the hood, such an Alfa was a wonderful toy for fathers of families who wanted to enjoy the true Alfa feeling despite the kids.

Want to know more? To buy?

Need more information about this delicious offer? And do you think it is time to make a bid? This can be done via the Catawiki website, where the green Giulia will be displayed for up to 7 days. Catawiki estimates the proceeds at between € 17.000-19.000. When you right here Click read more about the Alfa Romeo Giulia 1300. We wish the prospective owner a lot of fun with this wonderful excuse for a family car from the illustrious sixties. And we have no doubt that this will undoubtedly work.

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  1. It used to be said that an Alfa already started to rust in the folder. My friend also had a Gulia. Neatly made. In between tinkering with all kinds of engines, the Alfa continued to need some maintenance, but looked fine. Until my friend started to struggle with his health and the Alfa was parked in a dry garage. When his now widow wanted to sell that car, she got much less than expected because it had so much rust on it. And he had always been parked in the dry garage. That makes me wonder how rust resistant this offer is.

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