Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT (1964): 45 years of accessory in Eeltje's garage.

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT (1964): 45 years of accessory in Eeltje's garage.
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It immediately becomes clear that this beautiful coupé has a special place in Eeltje's car life. This Bertone creation has become a very popular and sought-after classic among classic car enthusiasts. When Eeltje bought the car in 1977 it was not that difficult to find an Alfa, they were offered quite a lot at the Alfa dealers, also at Alfa Romeo dealer Braaksma on the Harlingersstraatweg in Leeuwarden. This 1964 Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT was only made for a few years and is now highly sought after. That it was a fluke turned out many years later. 

By: Dirk de Jong

Initially, Eeltje was not even concerned with the Italian's sporty driving style. But because of its design, its flowing shapes, slender and slender, the letterbox idea, the front view was formidable. A book was kept of this original model, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT, from the import by Louwman & Parqui in 1964 and the delivery to the dealer in Leeuwarden, and from 1977 the own Alfa adventure as a proud owner. 

The history

When the car was purchased, the dealership was transferred and the entrepreneur Braaksma took his trade-in stock to a private address. Eeltje found him through an advertisement in the newspaper. The engine was not 100 percent, but despite that knowledge, Eeltje was convinced that it was a worthwhile undertaking to purchase the Alfa. Later it turned out that the front suspension was completely stuck, the seller thought it was too expensive to repair, but Eeltje thought it was too good to demolish. 

The feeling wins

The feeling came first… and the mind came later. As a result, an Alfa specialist eventually had to be brought in to overhaul the engine. The impact on the wallet of that overhaul was many times greater than the purchase price. 

Other priorities

A person makes many plans for his life, which then take a completely different turn by chance or circumstances. Sometimes life is not pleasant and you cannot change the setbacks and outer circumstances. 

It owns the most important

The hobby did not disappear, but the choices were made differently with the result that the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT remained under a blanket for years and years, and thus became an accessory in the garage. The most important thing was that it remained in possession, with the result that in 2022 an almost new Alfa - with original upholstery - appears on the road, with a happy Alfa enthusiast from the generation of over 80s. The story of Eeltje proves that even (Alfa) wheels can roll strangely. 

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  1. In 2003, after having driven a 1600 Alfa Spider 1975 as a hobby for nine years, I bought a truly beautiful Alfa GT 1300 junior.
    The unsurpassed sound of those Nord engine blocks and the way they hang on the "throttle" is unsurpassed. A party to drive with, if only for the admiring looks and claims along the way. And also enjoy just looking at it when it was in my garage because let's be honest: the design is just a “piece of art”!
    Yet… love is blind because reliability was not his strong point. When I once again had to interrupt a ride prematurely (this time a leaking radiator, shoes covered with coolant) and had to go home, my patience ran out. The electronics had driven me to despair before.
    I sold the car to Belgium. For a price… Let me put it this way; when I see where the Bertone's are going now, I'd rather not be reminded of that :-).
    But the memory remains and… I still have the photos!

      • Remains a beautiful car and I had many fond memories of it at the time. Had exactly the same version, white, Giulia Sprint GT Veloce with license plate 90-01-EH. I owned it for 11 years and then I wanted something different. Too bad, too bad, if only I had it….

  2. Sold 10 years ago for 20 grand. Was dreading the much work that still had to be done with ditto costs. Now regret as hairs on my head. Luckily I don't have it anymore.

    Oldtimers Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GT (1964): 45 years of accessory in Eeltje's garage.

  3. Now I have an Alfa 105, 1750 from the year 1970 in winter storage.
    I bought it in 1988, it came from Naples, luckily no rust.
    Driven with it for a few years, experienced a furore in my youth, until suddenly a baby came along.
    Alpha too small, and stored dry! at a farmer.
    On blocks, cylinders filled with oil, and let sleep..
    Towed out in 2014, brakes stuck and started major works to get it back in traffic. Shock absorbers, brake repair kits, brake pipes, brake pump, water hoses, delco….
    Driven for 2 months, white smoke, stall, restart, and put back in garage.
    Next attempt engine stuck….let it sleep again until,
    Engine out, fully serviced, new head gasket, almost everything renewed, only the pistons, segments and cylinder liners are not. Assemble and hooray!! the job…
    Hard to start after a while... run on three cylinders. clean spark plugs every 200 km, yes oil
    2021 Engine out again, pistons buses, segments, valve seats renewed….
    and now enjoy.
    The sound of the Nord 1750 engine, lovely, and yes it is moving forward…
    Finally enjoying my alfa in blue hollandaise, original paint.
    You know, I look at vintage cars very differently now

  4. Truly a beautiful car and wonderful to drive, especially in terms of sound with the Nord engine!
    I myself had bought the red 1600 GT Sprint from 1966 (blue upholstery) as a student in about 1976 and unfortunately sold it in about 1986 because I had no space of my own but rented a piece of farm in Huizen. I think I was brought back from Friesland in 1984 or so to renovate to a rental garage in Hilversum without electricity and not long afterwards in the rented part of a farm in Huizen. At that time I could just drive back and forth from Almere in a free hour, touch it and return it. After a few years, the rental costs became too high for me compared to what I could do and then sold what I had: the partially disassembled Alfa, new cylinder liners and pistons, fenders, etc. A shame of course, but that's the way things go unfortunately if you don't own your own have space. I also promised myself to do nothing more before I would have my own space at home to do something (was building a Cobra in 1989).
    But what a cool car this was, had it for 10 years, of which only one was driven for 2 years until, as written in the piece about the Diane, during my internship year in 1979 in the Rotterdam Beneluxtunnel a hole burned in the piston of the 4th cylinder due to a stuck non-return valve. in the vacuum booster and I was able to put him in the stable in Friesland with family. Before that, when I hadn't had it long, when I visited my grandmother in Groningen from A'doorn, there was an increasingly unpleasant noise on the way back so that I drove faster and faster to get home and ran up at Beilen the A28 at 180 now fixed my gearbox. Wow what a skid mark… Back then there were no emergency telephones, it took about 4 hours before he was towed to a garage there. Removed the cardan shaft and dragged it back to A'doorn by a fellow student, an adventure in itself because he happily overtook me behind me. And then see the people watching when they were overtaken, saw a tow rope and then my Alfa… In the summer house where we then lived with students, the box was taken out and everything overhauled: it turned out to be leaking and at a good time the oil was empty. gears simply welded to the input shaft. Anyway, everything ran fine after that until that piston unfortunately gave up, but one of the nicest cars I had.

    I would like to have this type of Alfa again for years, but in terms of prices it is no longer very nice. After that I did have a 2nd hand 1300 Nuova Super, but it was certainly not very great: my first car that I bought at an (Alfa) dealer and therefore did not crawl all the way up and under as usual. That turned out to be a big fake, which, thanks to the price, when Bovag was guaranteed, but what, when a lot turned out to be wrong, turned out not to be guaranteed. A very instructive event in terms of misplaced trust or fraud!

  5. Wonderful experience of my former teacher with whom I still have contact and both addicted to the Italian virus, Eeltje to the Alfa and I to the Fiat.

  6. I am jealous of the engine sound of an alfa another brand can not imitate.
    Otherwise maintenance sensitive and not very reliable.

  7. What a nice story by Eeltje, and by Jan `t Spijker too. It's strange that if we are infected with a brand of virus at a young age, it often doesn't help. I'm so sweet even with 1 leg in the grave, but the Citroen love has never diminished. I think it's a shame that it is now on the brink of death. When the “Luxury Brand” was called DS, the writing on the Wall was clear.
    My sister has an alpha that she bought when jesus was a carpenter. I don't know if she rides it often. Over the years, old cars have shrunk considerably, but a little Vaseline works wonders. Greetings from a radiant YVR without protesters on the street.

  8. In 1987 I bought a defective Alfa 1300 GT Junior from 1975 in Hoogeveen from Alfa specialist Berjan. This one mainly did damage to Alfa's. Mine was no exception and had had a bit of a heavy-handed kiss on the back. The butt was pushed down and you could see in under the rubber of the rear window…..Unfortunately this was not the only inconvenience: inner and outer sills were a bit crunchy, as were the fender edges at the rear. The engine was of the same cloth and suit: at the pump it was filling up with oil and checking petrol. When I gave it a lot of gas, there was an immediate fog warning on the radio… but yes, love is blind. The purchase price of 700 hard florins made up for a lot! Fortunately I had a garage myself at the time and the hands were not wrong. The oil addicted engine was replaced by a fine 1750 engine and the bodywork received an extensive restoration. All this is now 35 years ago. And guess what? I still have it! I have some other classics, but this is the last one to go!

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