Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA. The 1965 original

Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA
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Alfa Romeo nowadays is a brand that mainly relies on the beautiful past. The range is currently meager to say the least. That is no surprise to you, but still. Before the war, the Milanese made a name for themselves with very expensive Gran Turismos and illustrious competition cars. After the war, Alfa Romeo focused more and more on the volume production of illustrious sports cars. The 110-year history is rich. And to liven up that anniversary, the Italians revived an illustrious name. There is another GTA in the price lists, it is a homage to the car that we describe in this article, the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA.

Of course. That name was previously applied and that happened with success numbers such as the 156 and the 147. Like the newly launched Giulia GTA, they took the name for their top versions from the model that was presented at the RAI in Amsterdam in 1965. Under the beautiful Tipo 105 Bertone carriage, impressive technology was hidden.


The letter combination GTA stands for 'Gran Turismo Alleggerita' (alleggerita is the Italian term for 'made lighter'). This designation came about in 1965 with the arrival of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA. That was a special version of the Sprint GT. The GTA designed as a pure sports car had the lines of the Bertone. The shape of the body was similar to that of the Giulia Sprint GT. The use of materials was different. The Alleggrerita was certainly not out of the blue. The body of the Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA was made of aluminum. This resulted in a total weight of 745 kg, which was a difference of 205 kg compared to the GT version. A special feature was the application of the beautiful magnesium rims, a feature that was also used by various Alfisti on other classic Alfa Romeos.

Finely cut technique

Alfa Romeo also distinguished the engine. The Giulia Sprint GTA got the 1570 cc Bialbero engine with a double overhead camshaft, two double carburettors and a double ignition, in other words: two spark plugs per cylinder. In the Stradale or street version, this power source generated an impressive power of 115 hp for the sixties. The undercarriage consisted of wheels independently suspended from transversely placed arms at the front. Coil springs and telescopic shock absorbers provided suspension and damping. At the rear, the undercarriage consisted of a rigid axle with coil springs suspended from longitudinal arms. In addition, Alfa Romeo installed triangular reaction arms. Front stabilizers prevented the leaning tendency.


The Autodelta technicians also started working with the new sporty offshoot of the Alfa Romeo trunk. The official Alfa Romeo racing team chose the car as the basis for the touring car class. The managers were able to increase the power to a maximum of 170 DIN-PK through numerous adjustments. With success, because the GTA was successful on the track. Autodelta also adapted the chassis. For example, it mounted different ball joints at the front to avoid an overly negative camber. At the rear, a construction was devised with a rearwardly placed bolt that was attached to the differential housing. It moved in a guide rail. Simply put, this reduced the rolling effect at the rear.

Successful in competitions

The model was immediately successful in races: the GTA became European constructor class three times in a row. He was also good for winning dozens of national titles and won hundreds of individual races on all continents. It was the way to enhance the already childish image of the entire Alfa Romeo range.

500 times

The Alfa Romeo Giulia Sprint GTA of the 500s (including the track versions) was built 1300 times. The theme was followed by the beloved GTA Junior 240 and GTA SA, both Bertones. The successor to the Giulia Sprint GTA was the GT Am, which got the two liter 1750 HP engine and was inspired by the 500 GTV. But the GTA was the original, and that name recently returned. The Giulia GTA, which is based on the Giulia Quadrifoglio, is planned to be built XNUMX times together with the ultra-sporty GTAm by Alfa Romeo.

A tribute to the illustrious past

Whether the homage will bring Alfa Romeo back all the way is the question to say the least. But the lightweight Giulia GTA and GTAm do show that Alfa Romeo the still can. Just like in 1965, when Alfa Romeo was ready to make a further contribution to the illustrious image of the Italian manufacturer with the then GTA.

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