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With this weather we don't really stick to the seasons. But we see the average Alfa Romeo GT Junior 1600 Bertone simply cannot be scrubbed through rain, snow and later brine. So we dream away for a while and think back to the last beautiful late summer days and this car that arrived at that moment and is now safe and dry waiting for a new owner at Retrolegends in Valkenswaard.

Affordable class

Such a Alfa-Romeo GT Junior 1600 Bertone is the textbook example of still reasonably affordable Italian design, despite the fact that many of us don't have € 39.900 to spend with the holidays coming up. How nice it is that the price remains below € 40.000.

A timeless beauty

This slender beauty was the coupé model in the famous Giulia series. Delivered with the Giulia series Alfa Romeo the best driver's cars in history. With the GT Junior versions brought Alfa Romeo more simply equipped versions on the market. Until recently, these models were less popular than the luxury 1750 GTV and the 2000 GTV. But in the meantime they score with their 'less is more' feeling.

Of course, you can be completely blown away by Dolly Parton and chrome grinning Yank tanks. But - to use a Germanism - 'in the limitation one recognizes the hand of the master'. Giugiaro has succeeded in sketching a beautiful, elegant compact coupé with few lines and beautiful curves.

Wonderful, dynamic cars with a unique character

This Alfa's hit people directly in the heart. They looked fantastic, sounded fantastic and were wonderful cars to dynamically drive. So they sold well. And the numbers produced now ensure that there are still copies. Beautiful specimens. Because where one is treated with respect Alfa block is as reliable as banks have ever been called - if the rider gives the six liters of engine oil the chance to calmly warm up before the gas goes on - the sheet metal suffered seriously from the gnawing of rust worms, something that happens to many cars of that era. Only Alfa's own Sudjes set completely new standards in this area.

But to come back to the technology for a moment: there are really only the water pump and the engine mounts to focus on. If the car doesn't smoke and if the distribution doesn't rattle, you're well on your way.

Rust worms and window rubbers

The attachment of the stabilizer bar to the front crossbar is very sensitive to rust. The jack stands are weak points, the whole bottom must be viewed carefully. The sills like to rust, but they are quite easy to replace. Where you draw the chance card is at the hollow space in the A column. For the rest it is advisable to check all parts for rust and do not forget a spatula to look under the (window) rubbers. Also check the tightness of the welds and take a magnet with you to check the car for excessive make up with filler.

Cheap is expensive, definitely go

If you have such Alfa Incidentally, if you purchase from a reputable classic company such as Retrolegends, then of course it has its price tag, but then you can assume that you will not be confronted with all the ifs and buts that you can encounter as buyers on the free market. The investment in a beautiful and good copy pays off. Because the price? You forget that while the fun remains.

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  1. Never had oil or water pump problems! Even 1: 11,5 drive r. Italy with 2L block in Spider “68. Rust problems ditto ditto; just be nice to your love. And 6x as expensive S-classes that also rusted at the time…. and i have a lot Alfahad, Mercedes too

  2. Hello,

    My story begins in 2014 when I bought my Alfa GT 1600 from 1975 through the platform Kapaza (after a few months of searching for a good unit. I found the car in Belgium from 2 friends buying no and then a car to restore for fun ( but having to many in stock ).
    After parking about 3 years in my garage, I started with restoring all components I disassembled, the past 12 month I reworked the chassis (body off), since it is the first time I do this I am proud of the result so far.
    I painted the car in my garage in the original (verde muschio chiaro) and is ready to start assembly.
    Welcome if you want to get a feel and / or picture if worth a story 🙂

    Next week I will start with assembly, hope it reaches the result shown in your article.

  3. In 1985 I bought a slightly flawed 1300 GT junior: a driver behind had forgotten to brake in time for Bertje, who suffered a severely deformed rear as a result. The sheet metal of a ten-year-old car is usually still in excellent condition today, at the time a car of this age was often already a bit 'crumbly'. So is this copy. The 1300 engine had also had its day, it was time to fill up with oil and check the petrol…. Fortunately, the interior was still in a beautiful condition and I bought this copy for the staggering amount of 750 guilders. This one Alfa was going to keep me off the road for a while! Now, 35 years later, my Bertje is still in my possession, has been restored twice and equipped with a fine 1750 engine. Never goes away!

  4. Beautiful cars, mighty sound. Bought an “old” 1600 GT Sprint from 1966 in 1977. I believe drove it for 2 years, then a hole in the piston 4th cylinder blew through a stuck valve in the vacuum servo and the vacuum was removed from that 4th cylinder…. Had years in storage with family, was able to rent a garage box in H'sum after 8 years and the Alfa brought back from Friesland. Yes, still drove 🙂 Partly disassembled in that box, but there was not even electricity there. Rented part of farm in old Houses, brought there and proceeded to dismantle. Had new front fenders and cylinder liners and pistons, etc., but now lived in Almere. Unfortunately, every lost hour was just enough to drive back and forth, after too many dreams about the rental unfortunately sold in 1988.
    Too bad, what a cool car that was (now completely expensive). Later I had a Giulia Nuova Super (1300) and a more modern 155. That wasn't it for me anymore, those Nord blocks are really you like it!
    Yes, there should be one more parking here, but that lottery just won't come by 🙂
    Nice stuff!

  5. The story begins 1988, a 1750 bought 18 years old, just imported from Italy ...
    A boy's dream, beautiful line, beautiful sound and after some gas, up to 190 km / h.
    1990, as in every young family, a baby on the way and too small for a cradle and pram ...
    Mamas will is law and car…. Parked at the farmer's stable, which is forgotten.
    2019, you can not imagine, start again, packing away, stalled, Endless work.
    2020, approved again for 5 years 50 years old.
    Guys you can't imagine the smile on my face ... and being checked.
    And go into revs !!

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