Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 is quite a man

Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0
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Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 - Fun with four

If you sketch the ideal GTV picture, then it is acclaimed Busso V6 present. However? According to the Flemish radio presenter Guy De Pré, who exchanged a 2.0 for a '6'. Knowing that Alfa Romeo had a damn pleasant Nord four-cylinder engine in its range for decades, his discardant excites our curiosity. Will it be helped with this Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 or unexpected pleasure?

Text & photography: Aart van der Haagen

The Alfa Romeo GTV, born in 1974 as Alfetta GT and thoroughly overhauled six years later, looks like nothing. That does not sound very diplomatic. But we mean it purely positive. Because at a time when fastback coupes were beginning to set the standard, Giorgetto Giugiaro had a plan of his own with this creation. Yes, here too that elongated roofline is clearly evident and that is where the conformism immediately ended. Because who else dared to work so explicitly with trapezoidal shapes? Meanwhile, with this Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0, almost nothing reminds you of the Alfetta. Still the basis for this alluring gran turismo. Only when you were to place both on a garage bridge, you realize that they are on the exact same footing, with noteworthy solutions for the benefit of the driving qualities.

Totally delighted

With a number of practical shortcomings, the Alfa Romeo GTV scares off the masses, but it delights passionate asphalt addicts. Do you have a sense of style? Then try to stay cool at the sight of the inviting sports seats in a beige pinstripe design, particularly fashionable in the eighties. They grab you by the lurves. Get ready for the attack. While you glance happily over the wealth of meters, divided into two sections. Pure nostalgia breathes the wood of the thick sports steering wheel and the lever. A desirable exception in the plastic age that continues to this day.

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Shorter garage visits

Forget that V6 idea, enjoy the energetic two-liter Nord engine in the front, powered by two double Weber carburetors and with that a generous 130 hp. It only needs to drag 1107 kilograms. And does it with verve, early active and almost cheering when the speed exceeds 4000. We effortlessly suppress the thought of the V6. And when that thought comes up, chilly figures make the difference negligible: ten kilometers more top speed, one second less sprint time from 0 to 100 km / h. The Nord compensates for this difference through shorter garage visits, because its distribution chain lasts forever, where the toothed belt of the six-cylinder engine has a strict replacement period.

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It is already slightly shaking the position of the stronger brother and we have not yet discussed the handling. The Alfa Romeo GTV 2.0 is considerably lighter in the nose and that does not miss its effect. Ridiculously neutral and with the smooth accuracy of an ice dancer, he devours curves, with wonderfully pure and sharp controls giving you complete confidence. So much grip, such a nice balance, what are the heavier ones able to put up with?


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  1. Tuve la suere the tener una GTV 2.000 the 1980s 7 años. jamas un arreglo. Cada fib que la conducía no quería bajarme. Una obra de arte.Superaba loose 200 km por hora. Tenida inigualable.

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