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When they were new, they were already so beautiful. And how times can change, we read in 1984 in Keesings Autopraktijkboek: The choice between a four or six cylinder will be a matter of budget. But so much is the two-liter not inferior to its somewhat heavier brother, the six-cylinder.

Write off firmly

There were serious warnings against the fact that a buyer at the time had to seriously consider writing off his pride. In the first two years, the Alfa was worth about 20.000 guilders less. In the third year, an extra eight grand had to be written off. The Alfas were in great demand second-hand. Because after 'the head was off', such a GTV was a fantastic, beautiful, dynamic car for a clear price.

Preferably not as a 'trade-in'

As third or fourth hand he was a lot more difficult in the market because 'the market' assumed in that phase that the car had been handled roughly and quickly. And that could just add up. Oh yes: by that time such an Alfa Romeo GTV often started to rust.

The Alfa Romeo GTV did not have a folding rear seat. That limited the practical possibilities. But with so much beauty, it is all too easy to leave basic practicality as a family car for what it is. On the other hand: Such a GTV had three doors. The luggage compartment was also so large that you could seriously travel because there was much more space available than for a toothbrush and a set of clean socks. You don't have to expect more for a car that is set up as a 2 + 2 car. Taking two adults in the back seat was never more than an emergency solution. And hey, such a ride did not have to take long. After all, the four-cylinder GTV was good for about 190 km / h. The six-seater ran 200 or just over. He needed a good drink extra for that, by the way.

A delicious block

The beautiful four-cylinder - which, when used sensibly, is just as reliable as a Mercedes 200 D block. The rider just has to take the time to get the oil up to temperature - delivered 130 hp at 5400 rpm. The maximum torque of 179,5 Nm was at a relaxed 4000 rpm.

Buy to rag and throw away

The time when you bought a GTV for next to nothing to let it trot to its final resting place is really over. Correctly restored specimens are now back in the price segment they were once born for. And copies that have survived the time intact, cherished and without restoration or welding? These are rarer than rest in the tent at 50Plus.

We were therefore pleasantly surprised to hear that there was such a spotless copy including history at our advertiser De Lieshout Car Collection. Fortunately, some of our advertisers are so considerate to let us know if they have something really special. And how special this Alfa is was shown by the fact that it was reserved almost immediately after its appearance in the media. Nice is not it?

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  1. I also had a gtv 2 liters for years, on gas even hahha and yes swinters the converter was frozen, but otherwise a wonderful car, still miss it a bit

  2. Owned two of these beauties, first the GT 1800 cc and later the GTV 2 liter. What fantastic cars. Once I got some headlights in my mirror. I managed quite well to shake them off (max.speed did not yet exist) That went amply well up to 200 KM / h
    But yes the car behind me was manned by bad losers. When they turned on their flashing lights, it turned out that I had had a nice duel with a Police Porsche. They took it up in a sporty way.
    A warning that from now on, even if it was night and no work was done, it was still necessary to switch off the gas at a place with work.

  3. Drove the original 1800. Bought her with already a hefty 60.000 on the counter. Ridden for about 10 years. Cost me a right front fender (after a collision) and a camshaft bearing. She had driven 165.000 km to get a nice place in the showroom of a real enthusiast and to get an honorable place next to a Montreal.

  4. Fantastic beautiful cars. You choose six cylinders for the sound and the languid power at the bottom. The four cylinders for fine handling due to less weight in the nose.

  5. Beautiful letters on the valve cover, real art. And the mirroring of the analog clocks in the dashboard (because you don't have to read it when you are driving). What a contrast to the plastic covers in the engine compartment and the i-pad dashboards of today's premium fake.

  6. Cowboy Story! Nothing lasts as long as a 200d block, not even today's Alfa`s.
    Garages also prefer not to trade in the Alfa cars, because they still have the name of oil slicker, rust bar and with gearboxes in which you could stir, (hopefully) until he accelerated the car! Maybe this is from the past, but bad things are remembered, good things are not!

    • Yes, just like other Italian and French cars, while the British, Germans, Japanese, Swedes and other urinals also rusted or their lives depended on it.

    • those blocks. last even longer than that boat anchor 200D. you have interchangeable cylinders in the alpha blocks. So if you comment also know how the old alpha bikes were made… to last forever. that 200 D was not burning ahead by the way

    • Drive for 38 years now Alfa Romeo and it often goes form for function and it is not all well thought out. But you can say that of all brands. My 159 went whistling again today without any comments or comments. Now 361.420 km.

    • Well… As an Italo rider (moto Guzzi and so) for many years I know that it is all 'character'. That's great! But I know of a leasing company that did not want anything to do with Alfa's

  7. Have a 1st series GT of your own. An 1800 in near mint condition. Owner for 34 years now. Great beautiful Alfa with beautiful lines.

  8. I had the most beautiful version, with stainless steel bumpers, the beautiful rear lights and the tachometer right in front of you. The depreciation seems to me to be quite high, a two-liter GTV in '78 cost about 26000 guilders. After six years you could be happy if you got another 400p in return.

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