Alfa Romeo Zagato Junior

Zagato Junior
Chassis number 835 has certainly not been on the street for the last two decades

As a novice or expanding classic enthusiast, it can discourage you. We are talking about the dramatically rising prices. Yet you can still - more than once - draw the Jackpot. 

A warehouse

Similarly all the way in northern Britain during one pub visit session. While enjoying peace and an alcoholic snack, the conversation - how could it be otherwise - comes to traditional transport. One of the interlocutors knows that close to the establishment, in or near the town of Ulverton, there is a house with a large shed in which there is a classic to be restored.

Think it's an Alfa Romeo

A little apologetically the man says “Think it's an Alfa Romeo" A little later he points out that it is not the most beautiful thing in terms of design, but a designer can also not have his day? So we went they morning after but once to the designated location. The owner is a nice gentleman who is Dutchies want to lead to his domain. It appears indeed to be an Alfa Romeo. Then it becomes clear what the man of last night indicated, a Zagato Junior, so an 1300. And with left steering wheel too. If the memory does not let us down, something more than 1.100 has ever been made (1.108 ??) and it has chassis number 835.

It's a challenge

The Zagato Junior has been in a shed in Germany for years and now here again a respectable number of years. The German 'Kraftfahrzeug letter"has never even been transferred to a British registration document. Accurate inspection teaches that this is an object for someone who has only one ideal, all the time and would like to retire for years in a damp shed, while cutting, grinding, setting, throbbing, folding and welding and then thoroughly investigating the technique. to take hands. The 1.300 cm3 doubleknocker Decades ago had to make room for an 2 liter of the Milanese house. The motor is stuck. "Yes"The man says"Rest and You have to be a good man, it's a challenge" There is no French word for that. This advice can only be accepted. And then the price comes up. This does not need to be discussed long: £ 4.000 and not one cent less. The man is adamant. Even if he had called double, it would have been interesting, but apparently he is not that well informed in the classic matter? The deal is closed, the item is settled. An hour or four later, all parts are gathered together. One box after the other appears. Thick in the dust. Even the original steering wheel and the 1.300 engine come to light, four more (ATS) rims with tires, a new windshield. Loading and loading takes another hour and well, then the day is almost over. The route goes back to the origin, the pub where it all started. Our 'adviser' is also present again. He hurled home a bit unsteadily that evening. On foot. He lived a few houses away ...

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