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Associating cars with music. I have always done that myself, and especially unconsciously. It sometimes led to curious combinations thanks to the program The Best of 50 years of TopPop gained new impetus. More later, and as said: in the magazine. Now I was thinking, among other things, of an adventure with the Alfa Romeo Alfetta, which I experienced years after AVRO's TopPop. The Italian Raffaella Carrà put me on that track.

On August 20, I watched an episode of the program. I enjoyed those old Top Pop images again. And at the end of the episode, there was Raffaella Carrà. A far l'amore comincia tu. I already saw it as a seven-year-old boy, a beautiful and almost unattainable woman who gave her performance in Top Pop with a lot of fanfare and temperament. And still a little less Italian than supposed. But in the meantime, in the meantime .. I saw those images again.

Carrà. Female Berlina

When I think of music I often thought of certain people. And to cars. scopia, scopia mi sco evoked memories of my uncle Henk's Ford Fiesta and especially the Fiat 127. Temperamental cars in my memory, Raffaella's single and the singer's movements matched it. I already thought so in 1977 and 1978, because even then I associated the sounds and rhythm of her rousing million seller with the Ford and the Fiat. And Raffaella herself? She was the 2000 Berlina van to me Alfa. A timeless and refined beauty.

Cross-links between music and car

As a music and car loving man, I had it more often: spontaneously emerging connections between the sacred cow, the artists and their singles. I will spare you most examples, but I always saw similarities with the design character of certain cars in various songs from different artists and bands.


A few examples then, good. I subconsciously linked Fernando of ABBA to the Renault 12. Amoureux Solitaires of the graceful and semi-innocent Lio I never saw separately from the 304 of Peugeot because of the vile modesty. The top 504 seemed to be performing “Qui, Jerôme cést moi”. The Fiat 131 Mirafiori produced a curious tête a tête with Arms of Mary from Sutherland Brothers and Quiver. And much later I did not see my own Tipo separate from several songs, such as the beautiful, beautiful Per Amore by Andrea Bocelli and Night Bird by Deep Forest. And now? What do I link to the Delta? Joe Buck, the way you take time, a beautiful record that was popular when I bought the Lancia. In my fifties, I still have it.

Crazy little thing called GSA

Back to then, to Queen that with Crazy little thing called love added individuality to music again. It was from the second half of 1979, when I was fascinated by the announcement of the then new one Citroën GSA. I don't have to explain anything else to you, because this one Citroëns were in the eyes of the convention a little crazy. Called love? I was madly in love with it. We had one then GS, that also explains more than anything. Da ya think I'm sexy by Rod Stewart I coupled to the Jaguar XJ, unconsciously. I listened to the songs and there was always a glimpse. Sometimes it is still the case. Whether or not prompted by a memory of a ride where you heard a specific song.  

Composition, synchronous

The most beautiful cross-relationship between the music and the car is inspired by the beautiful Ti Amo by Umberto Tozzi. When I first heard that record in 1978, the Alfa Romeo Alfetta immediately entered my mind. The Alfetta, one of the most characteristic and desirable berlinas of the seventies. A car that was there for more than five years, beautifully drawn thanks to Giugiaro. Desire, which arose from that touch of drama, the subcutaneous thrill and that touch of impatience that the Alfetta exuded. That possible leap of faith kept people away from the Alfa and the desire grew. This was one of those cars where you copied the feeling with which it was drawn one on one. And that's how Ti Amo was written and composed.

The Alfetta. Creation

Almost two decades ago, at the invitation of a colleague, I drove a fairly early Alfetta. I remember exactly, I was fantastic, the steering wheel was made of wood and I knew again why a transaxle construction really takes a car to a higher level. The engine noise. Breathtaking. The handling, I found it phenomenal. And that typical design style that gets under your skin. This is how a car should be constructed, conceived, drawn. Then you were allowed to speak about a creation. Thank you dear Lord.

The imagination is revived

The Alfetta wore a historically correct Philips radio and we decided to turn it on. Radio 2 before it and whether you believe it or not: after two songs Umberto Tozzi came by. That was indescribable, I had goosebumps on my arms, and everything was shimmering. Some cars do that to me. “This is enjoyment, isn't it,” said my colleague. I nodded. In the meantime I heard Tozzi and the Alfetta reinforce each other, and I knew: Ti Amo and the Alfetta were perfectly created for each other. A hit single and a car have never been a better match. Here I relived the imagination of my youth. Revived here my meeting of Alfa Romeo and Tozzi from 1978. A personal circle came full circle. And rarely have I been happier behind the wheel of an automobile.


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  1. The musical associations I have with my fleet?
    My first Kadett City SR (!): Euritmics' Must be Talking To An Angel.
    In honor of the purchase of the MGB GT (rubber bumper) my mother gave me 'Fast Car' from Tracy Chapman.
    Toto's 'Africa' takes me back to my license-free existence when I rode with a neighbor in his MB 280 SE.
    In my current Abarth Grande Punto I listen a lot to Pink Floyd, the later work.

  2. My own cross-relationship between music and car: REM with “Losing my religion” and my pink Peugeot J7 camper from 1978, which has been twisting around on the eternal hunting grounds for 25 years now:

    in 1990 with a group of seven friends, two of them on a motorbike, in the van on holiday to Hungary and Italy. A lot of fun and how we played that hit gray on the way.
    When I still hear the song, I automatically think back to that journey.

  3. Wonderful article, Eric! Italian music and Alfa's are a perfect combination! I'm leaving tomorrow with my Brera to la douce France; as a soundtrack for the road, I do take 80s French music with me, such as Jeanne Mas, Mylène Farmer, France Gall, Patricia Kaas, Axel Bauer …

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