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The history of new motorcycling began in 1968 at the motor show in Tokyo. Honda presented the Honda CB750 OHC there. After that Honda was bothered by the laws of the braking lead. Because the competition soon came with 750 cc four-cylinder with double overhead camshafts. And with machines with a larger displacement.

In 1976, the Honda CB750 K6 had become an evolution model

The novelty was really finished. Compared to its predecessors, the K6 had a differently mounted instrument part and a firmer rear fork. There was a beeper who did his job when the flashing lights were operated. In England it had to be turned off because the British thought it sounded too much like the warning signal for the blind at pedestrian crossings. Under the buddy, a plastic tray was added instead of a steel one, the adjusting screw for controlling the stationary barrel was placed in an easier-to-reach location and partly due to the changed nozzle occupation, the K6 was tamer than its predecessors. The K6 was seen as an excellent touring motorcycle.

What a big block!

If you step on such a Honda, the first thing you notice is how much engine there is under the tank. The steering wheel and clock shop are beautiful. And now also purely classical. And start? You do that with the K6 of course just with the button although there is still a kickstarter on board. Give his block a moment to let the oil run its first round and then it runs quietly warm. That way such a four-cylinder is indestructible. We know one that has never been 'open' after 200.000 kilometers. In its time, but even now, such a four-pitter is a powerful and flexible source of power.

Music above the 5.000 rpm

And above the 5.000 rpm the block starts to live and sing. That singing does not only come from the air filter housing, but is largely due to the four separate mufflers that - true to The Original - were still used on the K6. Only in terms of handling and steering such a Honda shows that time has not stood still. If you take that for what it is, then you can live well with it. If you want something more, it is handy to invest in fresh head and rear fork bearings, a set of Hagon dampers at the rear and 'modern' tires. Oh yes: for years it was custom among Honda CB750 drivers to put a second disc in the front wheel.

Now also wanted

The time when collectors 'interest only went to the' K-Zero-K4 models is now far behind us. A nice Honda CB750 K6 is now also a sought after collector's item. Via specialists such as Japarts in Oostburg, Zeeland, parts supply with NOS for these machines is still good. But the prices for those new parts are of a fairly modern level. So when buying a Honda CB750 K6 it is very useful to buy the best possible, original copy. Or just assume that the restoration of such a Honda CB750 OHC may take a while. Then savings can be made.


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