Aluminum knocking. A craft

Aluminum knocking

You can learn to knock aluminum. Since the new gasoline polyester tanks dissolve, aluminum tanks are 'hot' again. Aluminum has been used for ages to make motorcycle tanks.

Aluminum tank as the icing on the cake

Such tanks were the pride of many Tribsa, Norvin or any English bicycle. In racing, alu tanks were also 'trending topics'. And the only ones who still did that? These were - briefly through the corner - a couple of lost Britons with an eccentric slant, monstrous waiting times and enormous prizes. Below the line: the result can be fantastic. And the price tag for that is usually strong. Then no aluminum parts? Maybe so ...

It is a craft

Yet knocking aluminum is not a 'rocket science' but just a craft. Moreover, it is a craft where you mainly need rest and patience and not even expensive high-tech equipment. Because let's face it: A sandbag and a leather hammer? That is basic 1.0.

Marcel van der Stelt usually makes things for more modern motorcycles

But knocking aluminum is his thing. And he wants to transfer that knowledge. That's why he came up with something. Because the idea is so friendly - and not a hard business model - we would like to share this:

The course

“We are starting again in April with the aluminum sheet metal workshop. The workshop explains the principles of aluminum sheet processing. During the course you will learn the basics of sheet forming by stretching and bending the material. With a leather sandbag and a specially shaped wooden hammer, the plate is stretched and a bulge occurs in the plate. By tapping the plate manually you get a feel for the material.

At the end of the workshop you will go home with your own made aluminum front fender with a store value of € 60,00. The workshop is basically every Tuesday and Thursday evening from 7 hours to around 10 hours with a maximum of 2 people to give everyone the right attention, which is given at The Custom Factory at the Lissenveld 6 in Raamsdonksveer.

The costs of the workshop are € 110,00 (including coffee, course material, a pair of work gloves and ear plugs) and must be paid in cash before the start of the workshop. (we do not have an ATM) For registration, please send an app with your name, date and possibly a second date on which you would like to follow the workshop. Then it is checked whether the date is still available.

Gr The Custom Factory 06-51074581 ”

Be realistic

Do not think that after such an instruction you can model with an aluminum plate. But once the fear is gone, then the curiosity wins. That curiosity in combination with the special tools that our advertisers offer can then lead to a whole new passion. And who knows, it 'degenerates' into the nicest things. Even if they are and set your own beaten side covers. Let us not forget that 'before' there were not all aluminum fenders and tanks. But also seats, oil tanks and entire tubs were knocked out of the mouth with the tip of the tongue out of a plain flat plate. So in fact the possibilities are limitless.

Do not expect that you can do this after the introductory course. But it is a feasible result.

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