Always fun

Decending back in time is fun. Like this picture, the introduction of the Opel Olympia from 1953. The Olympia is parked along a small road. In mountainous areas, so maybe the motor needed to catch a breath or cool down? Let us also hope that the parking brake is properly applied, gear is engaged, because it ends well there. The driver, a man in a hat, is looking at a co-driver staring at him. From a distance, because that's how it used to be. Thanks to that break, she became completely happy with a bunch of flowers. No, she did not get that from the gallant knight, but she started gathering along the road. And ... it must have been a hardened aunt in her summer dress with bare arms. There is still enough snow on the mountains in the background to bring the temperature to the 10 Degrees Celsius? The driver, on the other hand, is prepared for anything and has sufficiently warm clothing. Let's be clear, these are our thoughts, of course we were not there ... Then the Opeltje, if you look closely, it is equipped with an antenna and almost certainly also a radio. That used to be an 'accessory'. Just like the stove, the ashtray and such. And how happy people were if they could buy a car after (very) long savings. When Pa came to drive into the street with his acquisition, he did not have to look for a parking space for long. In addition, the entire street celebrated, perhaps the entire neighborhood party! That were the days. Then happiness was still normal ...?!

Photo: With such a photo you can think of everything. It is an official factory photo of 1953

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