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American Dream. Real Art. A special Cadillac in Heeten


In AMK issue 3-2018 we paid extensive attention to the beautiful Cadillac Series 62 Sedan from 1953 from Folkert Alta from Harlingen. The Cadillac is in competition condition and showed a good example of progressive technology from its time. It became clear to us that the noble Americans from the 1950s also lend themselves to other themes when Berrie Jansen of Classic Passion Cars from Heeten in Overijssel drew our attention to a special Cadillac that he has on offer. Whether we wanted to pay attention to it. Of course we want that.

Rarity in the Netherlands

You will not come across beautiful Caddies from the Fifties every day. Let alone that a 1950s-crafted Cadillac is a daily fare. Yet the phenomenon occurs. The Cadillac landed in 2015 in the Netherlands, after having caused a lot of furore at various shows. Classic Passion Cars offers the Cadillac salmon head - with a date of first admission from 28 February 1956 - in an artistic form.

Ornate and delicate drawings

You can take that literally, because this noble coupé was expertly provided with its own and unique face twenty years ago by a globally operating artist. The Caddy was treated with oil paint. Graceful and delicate drawings illustrate the traditionally red and white Cadillac. The result is harmonious, because elements always return in various places. The artwork was unveiled under the watchful eye of a number of prominent figures. They have undoubtedly been impressed by the symbiosis of the paintings.

All the roses

The main part of the paintings consists of a rosy motif, which returns everywhere outside and inside the car, even under the hood. Gold-colored profiled accents have also been applied. The artist has also paid a lot of attention to pinstripe details on the outside, which are also subtly visible within the interior. In any case, it worked very nicely. And we never get the idea that the originally German artist has carelessly thrown a pot of paint over the historic carriage of the magnificent coupé. In addition to the many painted accents, he did add a few ornaments to the front.

Very unique

Classic Passion Cars indicates that the car is also running fine. We believe that immediately. This Eldorado Seville, which has its current stature under the theme name Queen Elisabeth rolling art has an 6.200 V8 engine, according to the selling party. Incidentally, the Cadillac was delivered with the 365 cu 5.972 cc engine, and thus generated 305 HP. The Cadillac was also fitted with an LPG installation. The Eldorado Seville series, which debuted in 1956 and knew the hard top as a novelty, was given the unsurpassed 4-traps Hydra Matic. The production number of this Eldorado version was no 4.000 units. That made the car rare anyway. An Eldorado Seville as offered in Heeten is completely unique. And original in its own way.

More Info

More info about this artistic Cadillac can be found under this link.

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