AMK Festival Zandvoort: Parade, track time and club paddock

AMK Festival
ER Classics Desktop 2022

Find the first on 29 and April 30 Auto Motor Klassiek Festival in Zandvoort. Organizes in collaboration with 402 Automotive Auto Motor Klassiek a classic spectacle with numerous program components and space for thousands of classics. The organization has introduced a lot of variety within the event. The AMK Festival, for example, also houses a parade and the possibility of free riding. In addition, the club paddock will play an important role during the event.

The owners of a classic know of course everything about their car. The technology, the characteristic, the charms, the strengths: the heritage has no secrets for the owner. Yet it offers Auto Motor Klassiek Festival the loving owner an opportunity to get to know the classic from a different angle. The Zandvoort circuit is a great opportunity to get to know the car or the route. The Parade program section offers the possibility to do this. For just € 25 (in advance, € 30 on site), those interested can explore the circuit at a leisurely pace for 20 minutes. A helmet is not mandatory and one passenger is allowed.

Track Time

Another way to discover the car in a more intensive way is offered by the organization with the Track Time program component. For this "free-driving exercise" different conditions apply during the AMK Festival compared to the Parade section. Participants determine themselves the speed at which they want to explore the circuit. That is why a helmet is mandatory in this context, both for the driver and the passenger. For € 40 (presale rate), candidates participate in this circuit test. A week before the start of the event, it will be announced in which session the participants are assigned.

Brand clubs

The program components Parade and Track Time therefore provide the necessary observable activity. Of course, visitors will also want to enjoy beautiful classic cars in peace. That is why the organization also devotes extensive attention to the club paddock, where space has been reserved for dozens of brand and type clubs. That announcement promises a wide variety of classic cars of various brands, types, nationalities and categories.

More information

Together with many more activities, the aforementioned program components make more activities an excellent opportunity for all enthusiasts to immerse themselves for a day or a weekend in all facets that make the classic experience so beautiful. You can find more information on the website of the first Auto Motor Klassiek Festival, which promises to be a fantastic event.

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