An 2CV, squeaky brakes and a dummy brake drum

ER Classics Desktop 2022

After replacing the rear brake shoes and cylinders, the rear brakes of the 2CV squeaked like crazy. And it got worse and worse.

The faithful Duck finally came to a halt at Garage Berben in Ulft with screaming brakes. There the problem was solved quickly. The rear brake shoes are placed against the drum of an equidae with an eccentric for optimum contact. If that does not happen, they brake with line contact. That beeps. The front line of the brake drum becomes harder due to the heat, and starts to beep even more, then it gets even harder ...

Specialists therefore have a dummy drum, a brake drum with a peephole. This makes it possible to visually check whether the brake shoes fit nicely over the entire length. And then they don't squeak anymore ...

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