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There is a 600 MV1968 for sale. With zero kilometers on the clock. The asking price is € 1.000.000. And why not? The classic MV four-cylinder engines are all icons for their technique, racing success and rarity. Their beauty is still under discussion.

Are MVs all worth gold?

In open-minded circles, it is therefore expected that everything with MV on the tank is worth gold. Fortunately, that is not the case. Because under the benchmark set by the four-cylinder and the current marketing strategy, MV was a brand that made 'normal' motorcycles. Because what was really exciting about the MV Agusta 125 TRL / TRLE or TRLS? The 124 cc OHVs delivered a thunderous 7 hp or so. The 250 and 350 cc pushrod twins already had significantly more flair in their sporty versions, but in a test in the then weekly magazine Motor, the editors were mildly surprised at the electricity, the finish and the fact that the rims had flat sides at the level of the weld. .

Fun doesn't have to be priceless

Still, those 'simple' MVs are fun motorcycles, and they are undeniably classic. And the 350 Ipotesi was the most exclusive of the 'regular' MVs.

From a good background

Designed by the legendary car stylist Giorgio Giugiaro (like the Ducati 860GT and the Suzuki RE5), MV Agusta's Ipotesi was not only beautiful, but also technically serious enough. Triple disc brakes, cast magnesium wheels from Scarab, Ceriani suspension and a top power of over 30 hp at a brave speed of 8500 rpm for a pushrod engine in a well-steering bicycle section, made this 350cc bike a pleasure to ride on the most beautiful country roads.

The engine was born of necessity

After the death of Count Domenico Agusta, MV Agusta's financial situation deteriorated rapidly, 99% of which was due to competition from cheap Japanese motorcycles that proved to be of astonishingly high quality and ongoing labor problems within the company. Giorgetto Giugiaro from design studio Italdesign was therefore commissioned to produce an attractive, more modern design based on the existing 350 twin to increase MV's competitive position in the medium-duty sector. The prototype had striking horizontal lines and sharp contours. The concept machine was first shown at the Milan EICMA Motorcycle Show in 1973.

The 350 was only produced between 1975 and 1977 and was an instant hit after it was unveiled at the Milan motorcycle show. But shortly afterwards the sales figures were disappointing. The 350S was distinguished by the beautiful fairing, a shortened saddle and a shortened tail that was slightly raised.

A touring version was also produced, the 350 Ipotesi GT, also known as the 350 Ipotesi Turismo. A more conventional buddy was used, with a separate rear fender and higher handlebars. The fenders and exhaust were finished in chrome, unlike the sports model. Another tank was mounted, which was clad in a gold and blue jacket.

The double discs at the front were retained, but a drum brake was used at the rear. Wire wheels were mounted.


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  1. Hello Dolf
    How nice. I once bought one for 425, - guilders in the beautiful color matte black. A color that motorcycle thieves also like to use to hide their latest conquest from the prying eyes of former owners and the boys in blue. Had it for a few years and brought it back to its original colors. A visit to the factory that at the time was also reasonably (but not completely) bankrupt. Had a lot of fun with it but after the umpteenth technical imperfection swapped for a Laverda Formula 500. My god I wish I still had both. But the cockpit was an option at the time. I was secretary of the MV Agusta club for years and now have a nice F4 in the living room. Will always be an MV enthusiast

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